Is This What We have Become?

Had an awful experience today while at Bishan MRT station, on the train which leads to Marina Bay. It did not involve me exactly, but I witnessed the entire thing and was left fairly disgusted by what happened.

What happened was this – I entered a train right behind this mildly mentally handicapped guy on his own. He was perfectly non-offensive and not deserving of any prejudice based on his behaviour, let alone because of his condition. He just minded his own business and did his own stuff.

Then, 2 stops later, which was Toa Payoh I think, he bent over to this women beside him who was unoccupied with any stuff. He merely asked for directions to this advert he was looking at for some time on the New Paper he had with him. I was about a carriage away during the entire trip, and just happened to glance at his direction while all these was happening. I fully expected the women to be nice and courteous about the entire thing and help him with what he wanted. It was JUST directions anyway! Besides, he was extremely polite and nice towards the lady.

What I saw shocked me. The lady just FLATLY ignored the guy and acted like he was mute, gesturing with hand actions to ‘shoo’ him away and then ignoring him. The guy took the initiative after about 5 seconds later, and then stopped his questions. Just then, my stop arrived and while I was keen to get off, I’m concerned as well of how’s the guy going to cope. Good for him, he stood up, walked over to another carriage and sat beside a guy who calmly answered his questions.

I’m utterly disgusted by the behavior of that lady. Is that what some of us Singaporeans have become? Biased, rude, discriminating and arrogant? I seriously hoped not and that this was just an isolated incident. Its kind of sad when you witness such an incident, and realise how some of your own outwardly-decent looking countrymen behave so badly in public towards a perfectly nice guy.

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  1. Bud (unregistered) on January 10th, 2006 @ 7:02 am

    You have a good heart.

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