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Police intimidation

Now this is some hardcore stuff man. Got this off the net a couple of hours ago, and it basically shows police intimination in Florida in response to questions that had something to do with whether it was possible to obtain complaint forms at the police station. Mad props to the one who thought of something like that. I sure hope the police force over there won’t get into too much trouble over the cheeky little investigation.

Well I sure don’t know if they practice intimidation techniques like that over here (maybe someone should try finding out), but I’m quite sure the cops here won’t be saying things like “this is a free country” as an excuse for demanding your particulars and following you out on the streets when you fail to provide them with it I guess;)

MOS – finally

Woohoo! So I get free entry passes into MOS this Thursday for their hip hop night. Some promotional thing they had with my cafe which allows us a couple of free entry passes. Looks like I can finally have my chance to see how it is like inside, after so long.

I’ve heard from a couple of friends that the novelty of the place is wearing off and people are starting to stream back to Zouk. Not like I care. Diversity is always good, although on the business point of view, splitting the market certainly isn’t. Let’s just not bother about what goes on behind the scenes and all just go out for a good time eh?

More to come later.

DIY pRon videos

There’s been this whole uproar ever since this polytechnic girl filmed herself having sex with her boyfriend using her mobile phone and then lost her phone. The one who found the phone then promptly uploaded the risque clips all over the internet where thousands of people have seen it. The latest I’ve heard is that the Malaysian pirates have also cashed in on the whole thing, churning out DVDs of the video and selling them at almost 3 times the price of a pirated movie. The press immediately lapped the news up like dogs and now we’re having discussions on forums as well as the local pages about declining moral values and yadayada.

I guess I’ve only one thing to say : technology is good, and you’re free to do whatever the hell you like with your video function, but please, just hold on to that phone?

Tiesto at the Ministry of Sound

tiesto.jpgCouple of weeks earlier, I came across some Tiesto Livesets and told myself… I have to see TiĆ«sto again at a concert or rave. I learned then, Tiesto was be performing at Renault’s F1 party next month in Sepang. Sad, I was… not being able to go. F1 and Tiesto! *sigh*

Now to add insult to injury, has an updated schedule, with him performing at the Ministry of Sound on the 14th of April 2006.


Anyway, if you’re a fan of Trance music, or would like to try something new… definitely go see him. He doesn’t just perform, he takes you on a magikal (yes, that’s how he spells it =) ) journey.I swear I would so be there. And so would Nat cause she just LOVES Tiesto </sarcasm> =D

Going home

In a friend’s car on the way home tonight, we spent the first few minutes puzzling over why Class 95FM was playing what sounded like Kenny G. A quick scan through the other local radio stations turned up equally muzak-ish tunes being played on 987FM, Lush 99.5 (“I can’t bop my head to this music,” my friend complained) and every other station.

I want my TV Mobile.

Its ironic that for almost all public transportation in Singapore there’s TV mobile. Taxis have them, buses have them, heck, even privately owned cars have them.

However, the mode of transportation that makes us Singaporean (slightly) just has TV screens that show inane commercials over and over again. TV mobile is just slightly less inane with occasional programming that helps to pass the time while travelling.

I want my TV mobile on MRTs. Then at least I’ll have an excuse to listen to my music.

Security at Suntec

I was at Suntec this evening and the security presence there was quite overwhelming. I suspect it has something to do with the Asian Aerospace exhibition starting from tomorrow. By the way I love the cowboy hats some of those guys wear.

Get your groove on

Lots of great music coming our way these couple of months:

Oasis – this Thursday
Fort Minor – next Wednesday
Mosaic Music Festival, with lots of great acts that span a whole range of genres – March 10 -19
Fei Yu Qing (your mom will Fong Fei Fei (ditto above, but for your dad! heh) – April 8

Post Valentine’s

I’ve been starting to see the effects of what I call the Post Valentine’s day.

When I took a walk around the town areas yesterday, I saw roses going at almost half the price they were at during Valentines Day. Not only that. There were vendors selling soft toys and the like at really cheap prices. Apparently they must have overestimated the “romantic-ness” of Singaporean youths and oversupplied themselves with Vday gifts. And now they gotta get rid of their stock at a much lower price.

Well. That’s for trying to cash in.

Tourism expanded : My theory

The funny thing about our shopping malls is that the authorities attempt to place everything into one small, confined area. This includes food outlets, cheap clothing boutiques, bookshops and the like. More often than not, I personally feel that this turns every shopping mall just like every other shopping mall in Singapore. We can make an analogy of this using the idea of identical cookies produced from the same cookie cutter.

I understand that this is done for the convinience of the residents in the nearby housing estates, so that they have a one-stop avenue for all their shopping needs (sounds like one of those cliched advertisments, I know), but I am inclined to feel that this somehow takes away the identity of the certain district, and just turns it into “just another housing estate in Singapore”.

Considering the tourism board wants to promote us as a vibrant and unique country (read Uniquely Singapore), why not start from the shopping malls and the housing estates? Tourism isn’t just about inviting tourists to see the zoo, the birdpark and shop at Orchard Road. Why not show off housing esates that have their own unique flavour, complete with shopping malls which offer different goods in different areas of the country?

Just something to think about

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