I want my TV Mobile.

Its ironic that for almost all public transportation in Singapore there’s TV mobile. Taxis have them, buses have them, heck, even privately owned cars have them.

However, the mode of transportation that makes us Singaporean (slightly) just has TV screens that show inane commercials over and over again. TV mobile is just slightly less inane with occasional programming that helps to pass the time while travelling.

I want my TV mobile on MRTs. Then at least I’ll have an excuse to listen to my music.

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  1. Tym (unregistered) on February 23rd, 2006 @ 12:48 am

    No, no, no! No TV Mobile on the trains. The trains are the last place where I know I won’t be forcefed some inane “programming” when all I’m trying to do is catch my breath on a busy day. It’s my last refuge!

    Actually, after SMRT’s debacle with “public service announcements” some time ago (see an old blog post of mine here), I should hope they think carefully before implementing any other system-wide noise pollutants!

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