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No room at the inn

So it seems that you cannot, right now, for love or money get a decent hotel room in Singapore for next week, unless you want to pay for a suite or something extremely atas (high-class). Everything’s fully booked.

The culprit? Asian Aerospace 2006, which runs 21-26 Feb.

It’s good to know that the economy is back on track.

Update on SG Gun Murder/Robbery Case.


Police have arrested a man in connection with the murder of nightclub owner Lim Hock Soon in his flat at Serangoon Avenue 4.

They say two other suspects, including the gunman, have fled the country, and an international alert has gone out to Interpol and police in neighbouring countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand.

Police have also recovered what is believed to be the gun used in the murder on Wednesday.

Uni fare hikes and its relations.

I got this theory from my friend and I guess its really really true.

Recently there has been a 3% fare hike for our universities. As all things go, our students tried to kick up a big fuss. Black T-shirt day, the press and all that nonsense. Thing is, things are not what they seem.

My friend related to me that they government is really smart in the sense that the fare hike will affect a large percentage of non eligible student voters. Talk about a great plan to avoid the repercussions of groups of angry students.

Manhunt for Gunman Launched!

In a short space of 2 weeks, Singapore has seen 2 robberies where guns were used. This might be common in another country, but for Singapore, it was a strike out of the blue, a reminder that we are not as isolated from violent crimes as we believed.

Today morning in Serangoon Ave 4, a man was shot dead and had his family tied up in a robbery. Their house were ransacked and the robber escaped. Till now, there is no news regarding his capture.

Police are advising members of the public that the said gunman is NOW on the loose and currently at large. A nation wide manhunt for the gunman is now on. DO NOT approach him as he is armed.

The description as given by the police for the gunman is as followed.

– Chinese
– wearing Black Brown T-Shirt
– Carries a blue demine bag
– Partially Blind.

Anyone with the above info are advised to contact the police at 999 immediately.

Sim Lim Square

Yesterday I accompanied a friend, who wanted to buy a digital camera, to Sim Lim. Its a great place to meet all your electronic needs but you have to know how to bargain if you don’t want to get ripped off. One guy quoted us $S600 for a camera which we eventually got for $S365.

Subway Sandwiches.

I was at Subway before I went to the iShop.

I must say it is pretty interesting to note that in the world of Singapore’s fast food industry, Subway is perhaps the only one that does not advertise much, practically nill on Television.

Still, there is a huge following because when I got there, it sure was crowded. Its really nice to see that perhaps our tastebuds are greedy things and want to take in everything.

Perhaps we should just export our knowledge on food to the world instead of our soft skills economy.

Did I mention I’m now craving for a Turkey, Ham, Bacon melt?

xServes on display.

Orgasmic shit.

Originally uploaded by jeremyfoo.

I know I’ve written about iShop before, but I couldn’t resist this second entry for them.

I managed to get a photo of the rack of orgasmic equipment they have. A fine testament to their ability and flamboyancy as an authorised Apple Reseller.

So yeah, in my opinion, iShop rocks much better than Applecentre@Orchard.

24hour Shopping paradise?

So I saw last week a news report that talked about Orchard Road being really quiet and lifeless at around 1am in the morning, and the writer compared us a little with some of the other countries in the region, like Taiwan and Hongkong, where the night markets and shopping areas stay open 24 hours a day. Well, I’m writing this from a brief idea of what the article was about. I didn’t read it in detail, so I won’t attempt to say that I did. So forgive me if I do happen to repeat by accident some points that were mentioned in there.

I would say that one of the reasons why we couldn’t possibly have night markets/ shopping outlets that stay open 24 hours a day would be simply due to the fact that there just isn’t anyone who would be willing to stay up to man the stalls! Even if there are, it’s going to be a small minority out there, hardly enough the scale that would turn Orchard Road into a shopping paradise worthy of note. I am inclined to think that this is due to the affluence that we get over here. People are just too comfortable. Most of the poorer people still get places to live in, and we hardly get the kind of homeless we see in other places. Almost all kids over here recieve schooling, which means that they have to be in bed at night in preparation for school the following day. With conditions like these, there are not many people who are willing to come out of their comfort zones to work for their money.

I’m sure you can tell that I’m being skeptical about the possibility of a 24hr town area, and indeed I am. This might change over time, but for now I feel that it’s highly unlikely unless there is a way to make people move out of their comfortable lifestyles and embrace a new world out there which offers decent pay for hard work. Hard work that doesn’t include saying “would you like fries with that?”

night of the living dead

I’m just wondering if it is just peculiar to this country, but people tend to stay up really late? I expect that in most other areas, work ends before sunset (this impression is led on from the fact that I’m always seeing all the shops close once sunset falls), and everyone goes home to their own families for some time together, or at least with the box. Here, it’s like, everyone’s still awake at ungodly hours like 3am? and the scary thing is that it doesn’t seem to feel THAT ungodly anymore once you get used to it. Yep. One can ACTUALLY get used to it. People are either up doing work, or engaging in supper and other nighttime activities. Doesn’t help that the nightlife here is pretty vibrant, lots of things to do. I seriously wonder the effects of that on the lifespan and health of the average Singaporean.

I’m going to bed now. Look at the time. It’s 2.05am. Hoho.

The rain is upon us again.


Img 2899

After those few days of wonderful weather during the Chinese New Year season, the heavens are back with a vengeance when it comes to watering plants under their care.

I was taking a cab back home when it started pouring elephants and dinosaurs. It was so bad, I could only see up to 3 cars in front of me, the rest were obscure by the immense downpour.

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