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The Singapore Fashion Festival

Now that the Fashion Festival has come to Singapore, I’m sure that it has somewhat garnered up quite a fair amount of hype, with special inserts in newspapers just to cover the main event. Well, I for one, am glad for something like this to hit our shores, mainly because I feel that it is great in general for the fashion scene in Singapore.

Thank goodness for Singapore

It’s easy to grumble about how Singapore’s too strict, too boring, too sterile, etc. etc.

But I think we take too much for granted here, and there’s nothing like a trip to a country that isn’t anything like Singapore to remind us of that.

I’m out of town on a business trip, and let’s just say I’m really glad we don’t have to put up with smog, bad traffic, dirty roads, rampant security checks, and appalling inefficiency as a way of life.

I think we should all just count our blessings occasionally, and be glad we get to live in the comfort of Singapore. And to also stop whining so much about all the “bad” things! =)

Singapore Sevens 2006


Well ladies and gentlemen, the Singapore Sevens will kick off in 12 days times and me being the new rugby fan can’t wait to see the different teams play.

For those who haven’t gotten the tickets, hurry hurry.

It was ice cold.

So I popped over to Eski Bar down at Boat Quay yesterday to celebrate my friend’s birthday.

If you ask me, I think we need more of such places around around. Eski shopping centre, Eski restuarant, Eski Macdonalds. Its so bloody hot these days, a 7 degree celcius room is a welcome change.

Anyways, the place is pretty interesting considering its selling its coldness as a novelty to promote itself. Apart from that, its just a bar, with a really really good aircon system.

Trance’s great though. Nice place to chill, literally.

No rest for the weak

Finally done with the last of my projects due this week, and I’ve been having less than 10 hours of sleep in the past 3 days. Gonna crash right after I end this entry.

I seriously wonder which other countries has an education system so hectic that their students stay up all night just to complete their projects, even when they have been consistently meeting deadlines and all, not slacking away. I’ve heard things like how half the effort spent here would give me much better results overseas, and it’s kinda making me jealous, just that I know I can’t do anything about that right now anyways. And just to admit, I’m kinda enjoying the hectic pace of things anyways.

Out of my window


I see a car coming driving in, turning around before reversing into the parking lot just below my window. That’s my neighbour coming home from work as usual.


Another one of those random cars drive by, and I wonder whether he’s visiting, or has just returned home from some after-dinner activity of sorts.


I hear loud thumpng noises right through my walls. Has to be my neighbour turning up the music as usual. Now I know that it’s not my brother who does that, since he’s away in Mauritius right now, only to return on Sunday afternoon.


I see the outside getting somewhat darker, a sign that everyone in the block is heading to bed and turning out the lights. The only light I see comes from the neighbouring estate, the glare of a construction crane that works the night away as everyone returns to slumberland.


The last light in the block is turned off. That light belongs to me.

Goodnight, Singapore.

the Running Lab

Went to check out “The Running Lab” at Funan today.

Apparently its one of the only few shops I know that caters for people who like to run, stocking up on things that will aid them in their crazy passion. Being a closet endurance runner myself, I was happy to see the really nice prices for items in the store.

They are having a 30% off on shoes during this period if I’m not wrong. Check it out at level 3 from the escalator near Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

New club on the block

The Butter Factory‘s up and running!

It’s a new club in the Mohd Sultan area that plays hip-hop and R&B, and has an interesting Art Bar as well. Haven’t had the chance to check it out yet (seeing as I’m out of town for work again, it might be a while before I do), but since a bunch of my schoolmates opened it, I’m sure it’s good stuff. ;)

They have a blog as well, and it’s an interesting read since it goes into the nuts and bolts of setting up a club, which isn’t something you see everyday.

Lots of promos this week, so if you have the time, do check it out!

Chicken Rice

On the subject of food. As of late, I’ve realised that there are fewer places selling those great chicken rice we all enjoy. Nowadays, everything’s all commercialise to the point that it just doesn’t feel authentic anymore.

Thank god there are still the little stores in the older shopping centres like Far East Plaza. Those little stores that hide in the corner with just a sign saying they sell chicken rice and that’s it.

It may be more expensive, but its defintely the real stuff when you just sink your teeth into the chicken and savour the rice. Hell, even the MSG laced soup taste authentic.

[Far East Plaza has one at the left side of the building where you ride the escalator until you can’t go up anymore.]

Ganesh Vilas

v18.jpgLast night, on my way home from university, I stopped by at Ganesh Vilas for dinner. Every time I go there I always order the same dish, Masala Dosa. Well yesterday I thought I should try out something different, so I started going through the menu, for some reason I got this craving for meat and for some strange reason I could not find anything on the menu which would indicate to me that there was meat in the dish. So I called the individual serving me, who I suspect is the owner’s son, and I go, “Which dish would have mutton in it?”. BIG MISTAKE!!!! The guys expression instantly changed and I could tell that he had been terribly offended, he immediately stepped back and went “No No, only vegetarian”. He was probably thinking “GET OUT OF HERE YOU MEAT EATING $^!%*&”. While I was trying to come up with some kind of damage control, so I quickly gave my usual order and wished I could kick myself for being such a dumb ass. I then noted that the menu clearly said Pure Vegetarian Food and even the signboard outside mentioned the fact very clearly. Don’t know if i’ll be able to show my fact there ever again. I wish I had read this post about The Expected Etiquette While Eating in an Indian Restaurant before last night.

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