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One reason why you might consider killing yourself

…perhaps you feel that your dick is too small?

This came a few days ago where a teen committed sucide because he felt that his privates were too small and was convinced that there was something physically wrong with him. Strange to me that the newspaper felt that the issue was BIG -ahem- ;) enough to warrant the front page of the local section.

Seems to me that the local papers do have their little tabloid tendencies at times.

Drink with me..

I realise that people around me are somehow terrified of participating in food activities on their own. There’s this stigma that attaches itself to Singaporeans, or Asians, probably, who are seen eating or drinking alone. What’s worse is that it has become such a strong form of dominant ideology that it’s hard not to judge someone as “depressed and lonely” when we come across such an individual during our daily activities.

Call it cultural difference or whatever but I have a friend, a hongkonger by birth and now a New Zealand citizen, who often has a drink or two at any random pub he can find while waiting to pass the time. And he doesn’t feel that there’s anything wrong with that. Yet I, and probably many other Singaporeans, would really think twice before having a drink alone without feeling somewhat wierd and out of place.

It’s interesting to think about how being immersed in a different culture can change the way we view certain activities.

Nomination Day for GE 2006

Hmm. No-one’s spoken about the upcoming General Election (GE) yet. Guess the bunch of us are as indifferent to politics as most Singaporeans seem to be. I’ll lead the way then!

Just a quick rundown of Nomination Day news:

Total – 84 seats
Walkovers – 37 seats (from 7 constituencies)
Contested – 47 seats (from 7 Group Representation Constituencies and 9 Single Member Constituencies)

More interestingly, this is the first time in 18 years that the PAP hasn’t had the majority required (43 seats) to form a government on Nomination Day.

Channel News Asia has a pretty good GE2006 site here. Notice how all the walkovers are in the west?

It’s nice to see the opposition bringing out new faces who actually look competent this time around…at least they’re trying a bit harder to introduce fresh blood to the mix. Let’s see how they fare in a week’s time.

Oh, and if anyone missed “Why My Vote Matters“? It’s available here.

“Give me boring”

In an interview with The New Paper, author Jake Needham addressed the oft-mentioned complaint about Singapore being too boring:

“[…] if a country where everything works, where you can effortlessly switch on your laptop and things get done is boring, then give me boring. You cannot live an adventure every day.”

How true.


Hot on the heels of Tiesto, Zouk is bringing in Paul Oakenfold to spin on the 5th of May.

Be there.

Free cone day!

Ben & Jerry’s famous Free Cone Day falls next Tuesday (25th April 2006)!

They’re holding it from 12pm – 6pm at all the Singapore outlets, i.e. Great World City, United Square, Suntec City Mall, and the Singapore Zoo. As with past Free Cone Days elsewhere, it’s one cone per person, while stocks last.

Ah…reminds me of when I was back in college…those lines for free ice-cream on a warm spring day… =) Heheh.


Green. Defintely.

Originally uploaded by jeremyfoo.

So, as pre hyped, Tiesto spun at Ministry of Sound last friday.

As the cover charge was from a range of $38 (pre party) to $42 (door) I did not manage to get many friends along. Despite the price of the cover charge, the queueing quite possibly started around dinner time at 6am. I arrived at 8am to a pretty long line.

Blame the lack of knowledge of the lower ranked security lackeys, I was directed to join the main queue instead of making use of the student membership that I was given. All in all, the queue moved pretty quickly when the doors were opened, so I couldn’t really complain much.

Vodka Redbulls were going 1 for 1s the whole night, so there wasn’t much a problem with the choice of poison. By the time Daimain Saint started openning for Tiesto, I think I was sufficiently high.

Now I must say, I have never seen MoS that crowded before. The air conditioning was positively losing the war to keep the guests cool. Hell, it leaked onto me quite a few times. The only other places that were rather cooling were places that Tiesto wasn’t at – Studio54, Pure, Smoove, etc.

It was pretty amusing to see the always packed Smoove be reduced to the look of a night spent spinning classical music instead of its famous RnB. In fact, I positively felt that Zouk made a loss that very day.

All in all, the music was goddamn awesome. He lived up to and possibly pushed beyond the limit of the hype. Heck, the worst I can probably say is that he sounded like any of his CDs… perfect.

Tiesto, do come back to Singapore again, this time I’d be sure to book a table. Ministry of Sound (Singapore), frigging awesome job.

Peace out.

Monsoon is coming

With the infrastructure we have here for drainage, heavy downpours are hardly a disturbance, other than the fact that you might get really wet if you aren’t prepared. Which is why a picture of a poor taxi driver taking shelter under a bus stop while looking out at his half submerged taxi makes news. When things like that happen, people take notice, point fingers at clogged drains, but they forget that many years ago, it ALWAYS flooded when it rained.

I’m really thankful that over the years something has been done to prevent the canals from overflowing. I’ve read enough news reports to see floods so bad that people have to use boats to seek refuge and where swimming is a prerequisite if you want to live over 20. I remember about 15 years back, I would look out of my school bus when it rains and watch the rubbish bins float lifelessly by. I’ve never seen a flood in my area since. I’m thankful for that.

Retiring at 100

winston.jpgI’m sure the Singapore govt. would love to use this gentleman as a role model to promote the habit of working ‘for as long as possible’.


Was cruising along a certain road last night, a short distance away from Holland Village, when my friend turned us into this road that took us almost 15 minutes to find out way out of. What struck me as most prominent (besides the fact that the place was a bloody maze) was that the houses along that particular road were huge.

Alright, huge isn’t even enough to describe them. Those were mansions, some belonging to ambassadors and the like. It just scares me that there are some people who are so wealthy and have such lavish assets that you really cannot imagine their power and status in society.

This just reminds me of the 80-20 principle I heard about some time ago. That 80% of a country’s wealth is held by 20% of the country’s population.

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