Monsoon is coming

With the infrastructure we have here for drainage, heavy downpours are hardly a disturbance, other than the fact that you might get really wet if you aren’t prepared. Which is why a picture of a poor taxi driver taking shelter under a bus stop while looking out at his half submerged taxi makes news. When things like that happen, people take notice, point fingers at clogged drains, but they forget that many years ago, it ALWAYS flooded when it rained.

I’m really thankful that over the years something has been done to prevent the canals from overflowing. I’ve read enough news reports to see floods so bad that people have to use boats to seek refuge and where swimming is a prerequisite if you want to live over 20. I remember about 15 years back, I would look out of my school bus when it rains and watch the rubbish bins float lifelessly by. I’ve never seen a flood in my area since. I’m thankful for that.

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