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Singapore Formula 1 in 2008?

Singapore has started making plans to host a Grand Prix after new rules allowed the Formula One calendar to expand to a possible 20 races in 2008.

Great, first you guys get Tiesto, now you get Formula 1. I swear Singapore is trying to suck me in.

Could be a good thing… maybe.

BBC Sport: Singapore prepares bid to host F1

What are they building nowadays?!

bumblebee building

Saw this building yesterday, and the first thought that came to mind was why an architect would want to depict, in concrete and steel, what appears to be a gigantic bumble-bee’s rear end. Surely there’s a difference between the creative and the bizarre …

Miss Singapore Universe 2006

carol.jpgToday Carol Cheong was finally chosen as Miss Singapore Universe 2006. I made it a point to catch the last stage of the contest where they are asked question. The one about the foreign and local men was ‘interesting’ and the one asked by the polytechnic student was quite bold, I think it caught the contestant off guard.

How do you identify a Singaporean family?

Really quite simple I heard. One just needs to take a look at their kids. If the kids are young and wear spectacles, you’ve most likely got yourself a Singaporean family. Indeed, our rate of myopia here is really quite atrocious, if I may be frank.

Are we that fat?

One of the biggest gripes I have with local media is the fact that there are tons of advertisements on slimming solutions.

Seriously, are we Singporeans that fat? And worst still, are we that lazy that we don’t even try to have a healthy lifestyle and just opt of the easy way out?

Not that I’m trying to be a prick, but why do slimming companies even have to get the blind dude from Project Superstar to endorse their system? I mean, he wouldn’t be really concerned about his image that much would he? He ain’t really that fat either.

Oh come on Singaporeans, stop watching TV and go for a jog.

New Cathay Picturehouse

Recently, the old Picturehouse Cinema was revamped and reopened to the public. This new cinema brought with it mixed opinions from the old timers as well as the new audiences.

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