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The weather


My god. Sun, oh sun. You gotta give us a break.

Even on the train, we perspire like freaks.

Avoid becoming a national statistic : join the SDU

No, the SDU doesn’t stand for some opposition party (Singaporean democratic union, or whatever your imagination can think of), but the Social Development Unit.

Now, I don’t have to write a thesis most people out there to know that we probably have the most interesting government campaigns. This is not without reason. The ruling party is known for being the main arbitrator of things good for the country, even if it means getting people married as soon as possible.

Hello hello

Hello hello

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Caught this on at City Hall MRT today and felt it was rather funny.

I guess when you are gonna phase out payphones later this year around August or September, even the fruit juice cartons want a go at the phone.

Till then, lets just make prank calls to use up those old phone cards. Or did we stop using them some time ago?

Mc Donalds vs. Burger King

Yesterday I ate at Burger King instead of the usual Mc Donalds and noticed that all of the staff behind the counter seemed to be senior citizens as opposed to Mc Donalds where I always see teenagers. I wonder if this is the result of a conscious decision by the management of the two companies and what’s the reason behind it?

NDP tickets

It’s the last National Day Parade to be held at the National Stadium…and you can apply for your NDP tickets now!

(Yeah, we need to apply for a ballot to even obtain NDP tickets…welcome to the Singaporean way!)

Of course, seeing as to how the NDP site seems to be overloaded right now, you can also apply for parade tickets through a couple of different methods:

Vending machines.

I’ve been to the hospital recently to send one of my team mates to see the Doc. I’ve always loved the hospital for the pristine conditions and sterile feel, but more importantly, their huge array of vending machines.

In a sense, ever since my medic days, I’ve always brought lots of coins along with me whenever I visit the hospital. Call it a lost childhood, but there’s just something fascinating about plonking in coins for instant gratification of your choice.

And as of late, there’s this new type of vending machine that does sandwiches. Hot, toasty, tasty sandwiches. Mmmmm…

That and the ice cream vending machine at Westmall.

Amazing Race Singapore clones

As if the Singapore’s version of The Amazing Race is another of them lame clones of the western versions (because the media industry doesn’t seem to be able to produce original quality programmes), I discovered to my horror that there are even clones of the Singaporean version!

I was walking along City Hall in a hurry yesterday evening, on my way to a friend’s birthday dinner when I was approached by two guys who were looking extremely flustered. They explained quickly that they were taking part in a Amazing Race-sque competition and came in as the second last team, so as the next challenge, they had to collect 25 bucks to take a taxi to their next destination and were appealing for help. While I tried to brush them off like all good Singaporeans do to donation collectors, his persistence eventually made me give him 2 dollars so that he’ll stop hounding me all the way to my destination.

I sure hope that wasn’t some form of a lame con or something.

Banning superstitions


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In most cultures, the number 13 is said to be an inauspicious number. While there is certaintly no concrete proof of this, the superstition has gone as far as to have some buildings remove the 13th floor entirely just to avoid any bad luck. Indeed, there are some HDBs (high rise housing apartments) that do not have a button to the 13th floor in their elevators.

Just wondering, why not also ban the number 666, since it connotates an unholy idea as stated in the christian bible? Wouldn’t it make equal sense to do so?

Creepy night.

So I was driving out with friends for supper at the Prata place near Bukit Timah Plaza. After filling our stomachs we decided it was still too early to head home, so on the car we hopped and on the roads we drove.

‘Happiness’, ‘Lonely’

According to Google Trends Singaporeans are the most frequent searchers of the word ‘Happiness’ and the second most frequent searchers of the word ‘Lonely’. Just a thought, would this imply that Singaporeans are lonely people looking for happiness?

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