Creepy night.

So I was driving out with friends for supper at the Prata place near Bukit Timah Plaza. After filling our stomachs we decided it was still too early to head home, so on the car we hopped and on the roads we drove.

Wandering around alone at night is pretty creepy in the sense that there are just some areas in the west of Singapore that are just empty. Some how, we ended up near NUS. Upon the suggestion of one of the guys, we went up Kent Ridge Hill.

Thing is, it was only when the car drove past the sign that my friend actually blurted out that it was a site of a battle during World War II. As if that wasn’t enough, the road up the hill was fraught with damaged lights.

Reaching to the top of the hill, an empty car park greeted us. That was when we began to feel a certain chill down our spines. My friends also grew noticeably silent. Feeling as though something ain’t right, we speed down the slope.

As if it wasn’t enough, we had the great pleasure of driving past Haw Par Villa. Which had the street lamps long the road completely dark.

Now I’m not one to be superstitious, but the 3 of us definitely felt like something or someone was following us. From the end of the road at Haw Par Villa, I sped to drop my friends off.

They say that the bewitching hours are at 12am and 3am. And when I reached the comfort of my room, I received a text message from one of my friends who was in the car,

“hey… did you see a person cross the road after you dropped me off?”

I definitely didn’t see anything. Nor the man he said he thought he saw in the lift.

(Interestingly, in lieu of concern for my fears, Jasmeet actually suggested I post this up when I told him about it over IM.)

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  1. manix (unregistered) on May 22nd, 2006 @ 3:34 pm

    that’s really a creepy story.
    well, if i visit singapore, i won’t pass by the said areas at night.

    thanks for the story and info.

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