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Vesak Day

Its Vesak Day, and being a Buddhist holiday, there were ceremonies all around Singapore. Here’s one that I snapped while outside during the public holiday.


Just take a look at the crowd


Just a little something I found off the net some time back. An arieal shot of one of the Workers Party rallies during the Elections Campaign. Man, I definitely haven’t seen so many people gathered in a single place like this before in Singapore. Of course, that being said, going to a opposition party’s rally doesn’t neccessarily translate into more votes for the opposition, but it just shows a general interest or curiosity in politics on the whole.


As of late, many Starbucks have been springing up albeit in the city.

There’s now a new one at where hello Singtel used to be in Orchard Road. Now half of it has been replaced by HSBC and the other half by the above mentioned Starbucks.

Now what’s so special about this one? Apparently there is a small corner with cushions that can seat many people or just two. Pretty cosy if I may say so myself. Best part? 2 power points for your power hungry devices are near it. Now there’s only one thing to find out — who provides the broadband internet.

And so life goes on….

Well, all the hoo-ha over the election issues have died down by now. Its also time to resolve the 2 opposition issues that cropped up over the past month (In case you weren’t aware, its regarding a particular Gomez & the aptly named ‘Self Destroy Party’). Maybe for once, the opposition went home satisfied knowing that they at least, improved on the previous election performance. Good showing from the opposition this year. And while it has been an ultimately futile election bid from both sides in that they did not make any major advances, perhaps both sides went back with the measure of both their weaknesses and the other side’s strength. This, in my opinion, is something worth pondering about.

Til the next election then…

Sandcastle building

Sandcastle building

Originally uploaded by Liangcai.

While everyone was busy voting during polling day, I decided to head down to East Coast Park to cycle with a couple of friends. I happened to chance upon this man givng a lesson on sandcastle building techniques as a way of learning certain life skills (“need to put pressure at every level, not just the top,” he says).

Cheapest parking spots.

So I finally got my license. And interestingly one of the things that has never bothered me has suddenly come under the radar — cheapest parking spots in town.

Apparently, Takashimaya’s car parks are relatively cheap after 7pm. Anyone knows any more of them cheap car parks?

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