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Old school

Fire Emergency

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Yesterday, I had the chance to take a bus home that brought back many memories of yester years.

It was weird at first because the first thing you think about when you see these old buses is the thought of a very warm journey home due to its lack of air conditioning.

Thankfully, these old school buses actually have a touch of the future in them. There was air conditioning, there was the RFID EZLink farecard reader. Apart from that, everything was very much old school. From the style of the seats and handbars, to the emergency latch and alighting bell, to the slide open exit door. All pretty much old school.

Somehow, looking at the world outside while riding the bus just makes it feel as though you’ve been transported back to the 1990s when suchs buses were common.

It was a most nostalgic experience.

Excuse me while I take a bath

Excuse me while I take a bath

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Was walking along the One Fullerton area when I saw that the Merlion was missing. In its place was a huge tentage of a comic-isque lion figure in front of a shower curtain. At the bottom, a sign read :” Excuse me while I take a bath”. Apparently the merlion was undergoing cleaning and had to be covered from the public eye.

For the clueless, the Merlion is a national icon designed for the Singapore tourism board. It incoporates an image of a lion’s head with a fish’s body, one a symbol of our nation and the other a reference to our heritage as a fishing town.

Pretty bizzare for the autorities to take the effort to even cover the merlion. Maybe it’s just me, but the ‘fun’ looking tentage looks too lame for me. Perhaps the rationale is that the national symbol should be given some respect, even when it is ‘taking a bath’, for that matter.

APAO congress ’06

Just got back after a gruelling 4 day work stint as the IT manager for one of the conference rooms for the 21st Congress of the Asia-Pacific Academy of Opthalmology, held at Suntec Convention Centre. This conference brings together some of the world’s leading experts in the field of opthalmology. Despite the long hours, hard work, and the little hitch-ups that occured along the way, it was a great experience working with people from across the world, and some of the delegates who were here for the first time really loved it, quoting Sentosa and the Zoo as some of their favourite places. I can’t wait for my next stint, which might probably come again next year.

The nastiest place to be right now…

… would probably be town. That’s because the annual Great Singapore Sale is now here and you have the young and old alike hitting the stores for all the wonderful deals avaliable. Some of the shopping malls have also extended their opening hours so that shoppers would be able to shop till later. Put that crowd together with the husbands who don’t really want to be there, the kids who run everywhere and threaten to trip you, as well as the tourists from neighbouring countries who come down to take advantange of the sales, and Orchard Road is hell, especially if you happen to be someone who doesn’t like to shop and don’t happen to like being around people. Even crossing the underpass could give one a serious case of claustrophobia.

I’ll put up some pictures soon to prove my point.

Oh yeah, happy 666 people ;)

Two of What?


Listen Closely



Entourage is coming to our shores. Too bad its season 1, too bad its only on cable.

Season 2 is coming back to the States come June 11th. Can’t wait!

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