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Trying to catch the last bus

It’s a funny thing that we want to create some form of a nightlife yet our buses only work till 11ish at night? Was out with a couple of friends and we had to part because we all wanted to catch the last bus/last train home. Getting a cab would cost us considerably more, especially with the midnight charge and all. Getting a cab in town at a time like 1130pm is another problem. Seriously, unless you own a car or are willing to pay for a taxi ride, staying out late isn’t a very good idea all the time, even if you want to. They should seriously think about extending transport hours or something. Heck, pay the bus drivers more!

On a lighter note, the weather has cooled down a little with the short rain this afternoon. Great weather for having a beer somewhere nice and quiet in the heart of the city.

back to the pronunciation issue

You know it’s a problem when you hear the deejay say “you can write me the old fashioned way…” as “you can ride me the old fashioned way.”


Just one of them things

We generally don’t hear much about trains getting derailed or getting delayed over here, unless it’s one of those disaster planning exercises conducted from time to time, which many have complained, have caused them lots of time getting to work. Today, one of the trains along the North East Line was halted when a wire came loose, causing the train to stall. The scary thing was that one of my friends was actually on it when it happened. Must have been pretty unnerving, especially when we take our safety and efficient transport system for granted most of the time.

Read more about it here.



Saw this a while back at the Cheese Prata stall near NUS. It was apparently hanging just outside the cubicle where the toilet bowl was.

Talk about pre defaecating pep talk.

The streets are alive

Street art

Originally uploaded by Liangcai.

Take a walk along town and if one bothers to notice, you’ll see various stickers pasted along lamp posts, as well as electricity meter posts as the picture shows. These stickers belong to the various local street designers , and if I’m not mistaken, this is an activity they call “bombing”, where a couple of them will set out and spread their message around the city. Pretty interesting urban propaganda, if you ask me.

I never used to notice things like this, until one day I decided to observe a little bit more about things that go around in the streets, and almost immediately, the streets came alive before my very eyes and I started observing things that I’ve never seen before. It’s almost like each area has it’s own mainstream culture that most of us can identify with when we go there, as well as a subculture which exists behind the scenes, just waitng for us to awaken to their presence.

Keep your eyes open. You’ll never know what you find in the mundane.

I like his style.

I was looking around for a housing for my mobile phone, a Nokia 7260, and a couple of days before, I went to the nearby Nokia shop and balked when the lady told me that one of those official covers would set me back by 69 bucks. So with a heavy heart, I headed down to the nearby handphone shop at my friend’s place after my gym session, and asked him for it.

He asked me, ” you want the original one or not?”, and I said, “er no I don’t want the original”, all the while thinking ,”oh wow they have the non original ones here!” and he headed to the back of his shop and came back with one of those imitation phone covers, which cost me only 8 bucks. All the while, he was smiling and chatting to me as if I had known him for ages. Needless to say, I left a happy customer.

This is what I call good service ;)

Metroblogs : Sacramento

Metroblogs Sacramento has been added to the list! Do go over and say hi to our friends here.

The overlap of tradition and modernity

Was having supper with a very good friend of mine, and the conversation topic shifted over to some of the food establishments around the area. I was commenting about one of the French restaurants which did cater high class food, but allowed people who dressed informally to dine in their premises, a somewhat interesting move for an establishment located near many housing estates. As we walked past it, we realised that it was sandwiched between two pretty run-down pubs, the kind that the middle aged men would be found at drinking their nights away and singing karaoke. It’s interesting how we get sights like these over here, where the old and new constantly find themselves side by side, the clashing of two eras. It’s probably not surprising to see a church and a acupuncturist just next to one another along the same street.

Cab Driver

The other day I experienced a cab ride in Singapore like never before. In my 5 min drive home the uncle used the F word in every sentence, made references to Geylang, China girls, Orchard Tower, transvestites and last but not the least his ‘virgin ass’. He also gave some interesting interpretations of some common abbreviations used here ERP (Everyday Rob People), MOS (Man On Sex) and SENTOSA (So Expensive Nothing TO SeA).

Fair hike boycott

As of late, getting cabs at obscure timings (ie. changing of shifts time at 10am) has gotten much easier.

Possible boycott due to the recent fair hikes? I seem to think so. Its crazy mad prices now.

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