The streets are alive

Street art

Originally uploaded by Liangcai.

Take a walk along town and if one bothers to notice, you’ll see various stickers pasted along lamp posts, as well as electricity meter posts as the picture shows. These stickers belong to the various local street designers , and if I’m not mistaken, this is an activity they call “bombing”, where a couple of them will set out and spread their message around the city. Pretty interesting urban propaganda, if you ask me.

I never used to notice things like this, until one day I decided to observe a little bit more about things that go around in the streets, and almost immediately, the streets came alive before my very eyes and I started observing things that I’ve never seen before. It’s almost like each area has it’s own mainstream culture that most of us can identify with when we go there, as well as a subculture which exists behind the scenes, just waitng for us to awaken to their presence.

Keep your eyes open. You’ll never know what you find in the mundane.

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