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How much is that piglet in the window?

Graduation toys

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It’s graduation season now, and I’ve been working as an usher for the past week at my university. The commencement ceremonies are a wonderful and special time for those who have finally completed their studies, and ushers them into a new phase of life.

With a celebratory mood like this, it is no wonder that many companies are actually cashing in on it, churning out plaques, photography services, and more interestingly, soft toys catered specially to the commencement mood. This picture was something I took at my registration counter, and it’s only a small representation of the various different soft toys that appear from time to time, clad in the graduation robes. Believe it or not, people like gimmicks, and such things sell.

A special mention to the piglet on the far right. Even I couldn’t help but find it adorable.

Animal Tours

Duck and Hippo Tours

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Don’t ask me why, but this happens to be one of the more popular city-wide tours offered to visitors over here. Basically you sign up with one of those packages, and you hop on a nicely decorated and illustrated bus complete with an open top level so that one can breathe in the sights, sounds and air of the concrete jungle. Nah…I’m just kidding about the part of the concrete jungle. Many seem to express surprise when they visit Singapore and realise that it has more greenery then they had initially expected.

I’ve seen many of those buses pass by while I was in town, and perhaps it might be a good idea one day to by meself a tour and be a tourist in my own country.

What Next?

I like where this is going

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