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For the sweet teeth.

The shop

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The menu.

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There’s this little shop down the road opposite Paro Bugis Junction which sells desert. All manner of chinese mouth watering desert that would just please anyone with a sweet tooth.

Be it hot or cold, there is just about something for everyone that goes there. Tried the Almond Paste and also the Lime and with Aloe Vera deserts. Both really good stuff.

What’s more the prices are pretty much reasonable.

The chinese styled decor adds a certain classic touch to the fact you are having chinese desert.

Overall I would recommend this place for meals after your meal.

while everyone goes out and party during the weekends, I…

More! more!

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…playing boardgames of course. Definitely not something that the average singaporean teenager might do, but then again I like the comfort of the home and the company of a few like minded friends.

All we need would be snow outside and a nice warm fireplace.

Haze : version 2.0?

Was out in town last night and it seemed like the haze was returning. The smell of smoke was in the air, and visibility was no where near perfect. Well it seems like the wind is bring the smoke here again from our neighbouring countries who burn their trees to clear the way for new land. The last time it happened, we all had to go around wearing masks when we went out in the streets. I seriously hope something like this won’t last for long, and that it’ll go away in a week or so.


I thought this was just hilarious.


Sex(ually transmitted infections) and our City…

… and how everyone else views us.

I was reading an article in the newspapers last Saturday (“More Teens getting Aids, other sex diseases”, The Straits Times, 23 September 2006), and was saddened by news that not only has the number of teens here with sexually transmitted infections more than doubled in the last four years, the number of teen HIV infections has also increased drastically.

Exercise in the heart of the city

While the rest of the world was busy and about trying to get home or to head out towards the various chill out pubs along the Boat Quay Area, these people decided to gather for a little exercise by the riverside instead. Led by a lady on a platform, these people punched and kicked in synchrony to a musical beat. Needless to mention, this garnered many amused and surprised stares from tourists and locals alike. Perhaps one of the reasons for this would be the prime location amongst the working district used for an activity like this.

Whatever it is, it is always interesting to see something different everyday. People having their exercise in a park probably won’t be notice-worthy, no?

I’m sure great father chicken who looks down upon them agrees.

A different type of LAN centre


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Was walking around Dhoby Ghuat MRT station the other day with the girlfriend and we walked into this really quaint little LAN centre.

First glances at the rows of computers and the amount of teens populating the place would tell you that this is a LAN centre… perhaps.

Upon closer inspection, this is just a shop that provides computers for teens to play games like MapleStory and other cutesy types of games.

This is a shocker because the traditional idea of a LAN centre would be one where there are people shouting expletives, lots of sounds of gunfire and speakers blaring “TRIPLE KILL”.

Perhaps times are a changing.

Are we too pampered?

Its weird.

I’ve just returned for a camp that was organised by my school’s Student’s Union and the comments we have gotten from the participants have been nothing but full of complaints.

I would so love to attribute it to the youthfulness of their age but I think it is nonetheless alarming that the complaints they made were full of ungratefulness.

It begs to have the question of whether in this day and age, as Singapore is getting higher up there in the economic ladder that we perhaps are pampering our youths too much.

It is perhaps good to voice out opinions, but when is it the stage where we are totally ungrateful for whatever that is given to us, that we take for granted.

Something could perhaps be seriously worng with our youths as well as our own ways of parenting.

Steak galore

Hog’s Breath Cafe

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I didn’t use to be a steak person, until I tried Fosters at Holland Village one fateful Christmas Eve. The experience left me reeling from guilt of what I had been missing out on for the past few years. Ever since then, I’ve been thinking about having good steak again.

A few nights back, I felt the exact same feeling when I tried the steak at Hog’s Breath Cafe. They have an outlet at Chijmes as well as Holland Village. For the price I paid, the servings were huge and delicious, and I really liked the old western feel of the whole restaurant.

Singapore Dreaming

Last night I went to watch the movie Singapore Dreaming, with my old flatmates. It was quite entertaining and at the same time informative since I am not Singaporean. I would highly recommend it to those people who would like to get some insight into life on the island. By the way, I was just wondering what local singaporeans thought about the movie?

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