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Drink with me…

One of the things that I’ve noticed for the longest time is how people over here like to have some company when it comes to eating. Whether it is in the hawker centres or in restaurants, there seems to be some sort of stigma when it comes to the issue of eating alone. Indeed, from a couple of people (who I shall not name) that I’ve spoken to, they all feel that it’s ‘sad’ or somewhat uncomfortable eating alone, because they feel that the people around them may view them as unpopular and without any friends.

If being a student means leaving school at 9pm…..

I left school at almost 9.30pm today, and to my surprise, I noticed that there was still a good number of students studying and discussing their work around the campus. It seemed as if they were ready to stay the whole night, and it’s only the 4th week of school term! In the background, various students societies carried banners and furniture around, preparing for their various events that will be held during the following day. The girlfriend commented that while she was in Hawaii, the school was seemingly abandoned at around 3pm everyday. This Chinese exchange student I met a couple of days back also mentioned the same thing about having less after school activities in China.

Vibrant varisity life or the pressures of the Singaporean education system? You tell me.

Speak good English meh?

Most people go grocery shopping on the weekends. I went on a Monday. Then I get subjected to travesties like this.

The friendly policeman cut-out says, “Shop theft is a crime”. I say, so is bad English.

Breakfast in Malaysia

To Malaysia, and beyond! It’s a little off the beaten path as breakfast places go in the city, but people go to Changi Airport to eat at its restaurants, so why not have breakfast at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station? Plus it has the added attraction of being the only place where one can sociologically and aesthetically cross the border to Malaysia without needing a passport.

A little roti prata (or roti canai, if you’re going to be precise when ordering from the Malaysian food hawkers) and teh halia, an undisturbed view of the train tracks, a little vicarious anticipation of an imagined train journey to Malaysia ahead — not a bad way to start one’s Sunday.

A little silly in the city

No dignity for the treesWe all know how commercialised public space in Singapore can be, but the latest travesty along Orchard Road is really a madcap leap into a whole new world of abject silliness. The poor, stately angsanas now have their tree trunks inexplicably wrapped in red-and-white polka-dotted cloth, and there are strange large balls with the same pattern hanging from the branches.

Whoever thought up this advertising tactic succeeded in making me stop and take notice, but loses points for violating the dignity of the trees and not actually advertising, it seems, anything in the first place. Surely it’s too early for Xmas decorations and it can’t have anything to do with that asinine Four Million Smiles campaign. So what else could it be?

Ser mann ofsloth phone bearan

bear in cage

Originally uploaded by Liangcai.

Literally translated to : “the man killed the bear” in old english. If any of you are wondering, the bear in the cage is actually and electronic one and actually moves. Got a friend to snap a picture of it since I didn’t have a camera with me at that point of time in school. The purpose of the display was actually to campaign against the captivity and cruelty against wild animals for exotic food. This is indeed a rising concern in Asia and Singapore is definitely not spared from the exotic food industry whether legal or not.

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