More transport woes

When you take a MRT train, if you fail to tap your card properly upon exiting the station turnstiles, the fare will not be deducted. SMRT interprets that as the commuter’s fault, even if you have done due diligence by tapping your card at the designated spot and were none the wiser that the fare wasn’t deducted.

When you take the bus, if you fail to tap your card upon alighting from the bus, the bus company doesn’t care because it already deducted the full fare from your card when you boarded the bus. If your ride was less than the full fare, well, too bad — guess you overpaid then. As there’s no way to prove to the bus company where you alighted since you failed to tap your card, there’s not much hope of you being able to get a refund from them.

Either way — you lose, it’s your fault and there’s nothing you can do about it against the Powers That Be. What a wonderful “world-class” system of public transportation they’ve developed!

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