Sing Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

So I went to watch the Singapore Lyric Opera’s production of Opera on Silver Screen (sic) the other night, trying to have a nice weekend evening out despite the wholehearted attempts by certain foreign elements to choke the life out of our businesses by blowing ridiculous amounts of smoke in our country’s direction.

But no matter, the focus was on enjoying some light opera classics, a selection of the best and most digestible pieces – sort of like a box of assorted gourmet chocolates (of which the poster certainly reminded one).

It was interesting to note that while one of my friends (whose art appreciation was matured in the incubator that is London) was quite horrified at the quality of the production, the bro and I thought that it was a fairly brave attempt.

In the end, we all agreed that in Singapore’s relatively inhospitable opera scene, to even continue to put on show after show is a commendable effort. Sure, it would be farcical to pretend that we are or can be world-class (perhaps in a couple of decades – if the culture), but the efforts have been admirable.

Having said that however, there was one particularly excruciating sequence in the show, when the mezzo was doing her rendition of the Habenera from Carmen, one of the most viscerally sensual arias in all of opera. She was wearing what looked like a duchesse satin wedding gown, complete with silver embriodery, and a huge red flower in her hair. Every time the chorus came around, she would inexpertly open the fan with both hands and attempt to look seductive by coyly playing peek-a-boo with said fan. And it might have worked too, except that at the end of the chorus, she would bring her arm (and the fan) down and close the fan with a loud thwack against her thigh.

At one point, she was keeping time by whacking the prop against her gown.

We watched wide-eyed, and slid farther down our cushy padded seats.

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  1. Tym (unregistered) on October 16th, 2006 @ 10:56 am

    The mezzo’s, erm, antics sound inadvertently entertaining :)

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