Are there more birds?

On the way to work today, I spotted a Brahminy Kite perched on a railing by a monsoon drain. It’s quite rare to see a bird of prey next to a busy expressway, and it’s always exciting to see one so close up. As a former amateur birdwatcher (a childhood hobby which I didn’t continue into adulthood) I get the impression that the number of birds in our urban areas has increased in recent years.

I certainly don’t remember so many egrets 20 years ago, and just last year, there was a Brahminy Kite that used to patrol the airspace next to my office building (it’s quite spectacular to look down on a raptor from 12 stories up in the air). I’ve also spotted Kingfishers hunting the monsoon drains, and have seen a Sea Eagle in the Clementi area.

I wonder whether this is because our local bird species have increased in number? The pessimist in me suspects that perhaps our increased encroachment on their natural habitats (whatever of it is left) has forced some of them to adapt to urban areas, pushing them into our space, and giving us the impression that there are more of them, when in actuality numbers could be static, or possibly dropping (with the exception of crows, who seem to be doing spectacularly well).

Any birdwatchers/naturalists out there can shed some light on the state of wildlife in Singapore?

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  1. acroamatic (unregistered) on October 25th, 2006 @ 1:49 pm

    I can’t answer your questions, but these guys at the Bird Ecology Study Group might!

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