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SItex and all other things.

Am currently writing this live at Singapore Expo where Sitex 2006 and a slew of other exhibitions are happening. Will post more updates once I’ve seen everything along with pictures.

But a short idea of what’s happening here,

1. Sitex 2006 – One of the many computer fairs held throughout the year.
2. Big Boyz Toyz – Apparently some “Ultimate Exhibition on Toys for Men”.
3. John Little sale – Ah, clothes and more clothes.

Hard to capture a nice traditional skyline

120804 002.jpg

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Not with all the high rise housing flats that have sprung up over the years. I remember a couple of years back I was at the same place (Chinatown) and the skyline was really much different.

negotiating space

The examination period has just come (and gone for some), but one of the daily sights one would see would be Macs and the other fast food chains filled with students who decide to do some studying out of home. The interesting thing is that the organisation does nothing to ask them to leave, even if they do not order any food. Starbucks and Coffee Bean used to ask patrons who just sit there and read to leave, but they’ve relaxed their rules after a while.

And they all fall down

It’s been over a week since the canteen at my faculty closed for renovations. Rather, it’s going to be torn down and another newer and more modern one built in its place. The new one is proposed to have more food stalls, and more space to attend to the needs of the growing crowd.

I guess this is one of those things that happen often here. Lack of space, the need to become more and more cosmopolitan. This is manifested by the upgrading of places that are full of history and are a part of many shared memories, replacing them with constructions that reflect a new, spic and span image of a modern cosmopolitan society. Even graves are exhumed and the dead cremated and placed in special places which almost model our high rise government flats.

I’m seriously going to miss those red brick walls.

Multipurpose installations

Now that Christmas is coming, all the different installations and decor are appearing about town, turning it into one big Christmas tree on its own.

I heard something interesting lately : that the giant stanta installation outside Tanglin Mall ( I hope I got the place right!) transforms into the god of fortune during Chinese New Year just by replacing his beard and hat!

Can someone confirm this please!

Security on Campus

Yesterday I was wondering what the reason was for this enhanced security on campus, only today did I learn that it was due to the US President who was here to give a speech.

GV Plaza

I went to GV Plaza to catch a movie the other day and noticed a stark contrast to a week earlier when I was at GV Vivocity. The place looked run down and in need of some serious maintenance, what really put me off was the thick layer of dust that I noticed on the curtains. I hope they don’t spend all their resources on GV Vivocity and end up neglecting the other venues.
Since we are on the topic of Vivocity and contrasts, I couldn’t help but notice the transformation when you walk from Harbourfront to Vivocity or vice versa, it seemed to me that Vivo was much brighter and cooler as opposed to Harbourfront which seemed warmer and darker. May be its because Vivo has a new aircon system, either that or my mind is playing tricks on me.

German film fest and being a tourist in my own country

National Museum

Believe it or not, it was my first time in over 10 years since I’ve set foot into the national museum. I ended up feeling somewhat awed by the archetechture of the place and going a little photo crazy by taking the stained class windows and the symmetrical columns. I almost felt like a tourist in there.

Anyway, I digress.

German Film Fest

I was there to watch a French film as part of the German Film Festival (don’t ask me why it was a French film), and I must say that it was an experience enjoying an arthouse film in a location like the museum. Makes the experience a little different.

How do we talk about death?

It’s interesting to note that in many cultures, death is a relatively taboo subject. This is more or less demonstrated by the various euphamisms that we have for the term (passed away, gone to be with the Lord, etc.). As such, it was surprising when I first saw advertisments on television by the Singapore Hospices called LifeBeforeDeath promoting services for the old or the sick. What was more surprising was the fact that I saw this poster at a bus stop outside my place, with a huge “Death: a friendly guide” plastered at the top of the poster. Definitely caught my eye as it was seriously in-your-face, but I think the poster did make me think about a couple of things after I read it.

Electrical h4x0r

Electrical h4x0r

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Now this is really cool.

Was hanging out at West Coast’s MacDonald’s with some friend when this dude with a proper shirt, tie and pants walked in with his laptop.

Usually this would not really catch my attention, but this guy was also carrying two battery packs! Those you would expect to find in a car, only smaller. He looked the part of an electrical engineer here to fix something to do with computers.

He walked around the entire restaurant until he settled down at the table in front of me because it had suddenly become vacant.

That was when it all started to look cool, cause he started to fiddle with the battery packs and actually hook them up to his laptop.

It was weird cool in a geeky kinda way.

Also, his handphone was modded to accept a pack of AA batteries. Its rude to stare, but I was awestruck.

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