Taking photos.

Train station on a busy evening

Originally uploaded by Liangcai.

As much as we want to say we are a forward society, Singapore still retains much conservatism due to its asian roots. And one of the things that is unique to such our culture is our ability to be shy about things and thus comes a “I don’t want to do anything out of the ordinary” stigmata.

I find that I’m affected by that as well. One example is the hesistation to take out my camera whenever I see something interesting and quickly snap a picture. The act of doing something like that seems so out of the ordinary that people might gwak.

And it is not helping that the terrorists have made it more difficult to take pictures. The photo taken by liangcai would’ve raised many a eyebrow. But yet when you look at the tourists in Singapore, they literally videotape their every move, with their cameras held in front of them while they walk.

As small as country as we are, I think it would actually be nice to see pictures beyond the standard building and architecture, funny inccidents that we usually see. Photos taken by most locals here lack some amount of soul, some amount of connection.

Maybe we should just walk with cameras attached to your heads.

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