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40% discount?! wow!

This may come as a little late but a while back Borders Singapore distributed a 40% voucher off any full priced book. Unable to resist such a good offer, I printed out my coupon (2 actually) and headed down to Borders to get my books. I noticed however that although the coupon clearly stated that you can only use one voucher per customer, per day, I saw many using 10 at a go. Me being the one who aways ‘plays safe’, went to two separate counters to make my purchases just in case they would prevent me from making my second purchase.

Panopticon model of society we live in indeed. The fear of being watched even when we are not being watched.

Tell a story in six words

If you fancy writing really really short stories, here’s something interesting for you:

The Very Short Stories Contest

Cafe Del Mar


So it opened already. I wasn’t there for the opening but I popped by to see Lush 99.5’s second anniversary. I must say, I really dig the concept of the place. Literally Brazilian beach chill out.

When I read they were gonna do one in Singapore, I was skeptical and afraid they will spoil the whole thing. But nope, it looks good and poised to be a really wonderful place especially with the Integrated Resorts coming and all.

Chilling with great drinks and eye candy. That’s my type of club.

The games we play.


Since the general population here takes public transport, it is always an eye opener whenever you board the MRT or a public bus. You never know what other interesting thing you’ll see.

This group of three here were apparently playing some game on their mobiles. I’d hazard a guess that it uses bluetooth such that they can actually play together as a group, seeing that my PDA managed to pick up all of their devices as having bluetooth switched on and discoverable.

Its interesting to note that such a culture actually exists because from what I know, people in Japan actually have massive games running on their public transportation by means of their game consoles built in wireless capabilities. (Game consoles here include the PSP and Nintendo DS)

So we’re some where there. I wonder if it is even possible that some day, there will be the possibility of hook ups via the small social groups we have on our public transportation. Such things of course, do exist, but there is a low penetration rate as not many people are taking it up. It would be cool otherwise.

Images of Singapore

Everytime I visit India, people always are eager to give their views on Singapore. This usually involves how clean the city is and how efficient the transport is. Those back home, especially the middle class are amazed at how clean the city is. The middle class back home in India, want clean cities, but they won’t use the garbage bins provided.

Having lived in Singapore for a little over a year, somewhere the city doesn’t seem as clean as it is said to be back home. The city didn’t seem as organised as people back home always say it is. I’ve seen people littering on the streets, overflowing garbage cans, and of course dirty HDB blocks, especially in near my old locality, namely Pandan Gardens in Jurong East. In contrast to this, Clementi, where I currently live is clean and neat.

No one watches movies so early

I just got back from watching Pan’s Labyrinth with the girlfriend, and we intentionally decided to go for the 11am show, knowing that it’s usually less crowded on weekday mornings before lunch (thank goodness for 3 day school weeks!). We saw a figure of a lady sitting in front of us, and she seemed to be muttering to herself which seemed pretty odd, especially when she wasn’t talking on the phone or anything. Me being the one to think of some realistic explaination decided that she must be talking to her child or something, and true enough, a small peek revealed another figure on her lap. This all went fine until i realized that the movie was rated N16.

Only when the lights came up did we discover that that ‘child’ was just her female partner who was lying with her head on her lap for the entire movie.

Miserable in the rain

cyclist in the rain

The official take seems to be that the heavy rains have passed, but the weather this afternoon could’ve fooled me. Orchard Road was wet, parts of the underpass near Lido were flooded, and people like this poor cyclist (spotted at the Orchard and Scotts junction) were absolutely miserable in the wet.

External perspectives

I took a couple of exchange friends over to a Japanese restaurant at Cuppage Plaza and glad to say, they loved it. After talking to them about their various home countries and all, it was nice to hear that they did like Singapore pretty much, more and more each day. Some of the reasons include the efficiency of how things are run, and the safety. One of the guys mentioned to me that he took something like 3 weeks just to get a SIM card in one of the countries he worked in, and he was impressed by how convenient Singapore is, and how friendly the people are in general.

It’s nice to hear that once in a while, you know? Sometimes we get caught up in a certain place for too long, and we start building up all that bitterness and forget about the good points at the end of it all.


It actually feels like someone switched on the air conditioning at full blast this evening.

But which number do I call about violations of grammar? = )

But which number do I call to complain about violations of grammar?

I spotted this truck a few weeks ago on the highway, and was amused by the awkward grammar in the little “courtesy” message. I suppose it’s one of those difficult sentences to phrase properly (the most famous one being “no outside food”, which is grammatically incorrect, but for which no one has found an adequate replacement yet)

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