The games we play.


Since the general population here takes public transport, it is always an eye opener whenever you board the MRT or a public bus. You never know what other interesting thing you’ll see.

This group of three here were apparently playing some game on their mobiles. I’d hazard a guess that it uses bluetooth such that they can actually play together as a group, seeing that my PDA managed to pick up all of their devices as having bluetooth switched on and discoverable.

Its interesting to note that such a culture actually exists because from what I know, people in Japan actually have massive games running on their public transportation by means of their game consoles built in wireless capabilities. (Game consoles here include the PSP and Nintendo DS)

So we’re some where there. I wonder if it is even possible that some day, there will be the possibility of hook ups via the small social groups we have on our public transportation. Such things of course, do exist, but there is a low penetration rate as not many people are taking it up. It would be cool otherwise.

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