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The Cthulhu Bun

The Cthulhu Bun

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So I was looking for a drink at the Cheers convenience store over at Cineleisure Orchard this even when I spotted these buns in a corner.

They resemble mini Cthulhus!

I didn’t know Cheers were such fans of H. P. Lovecraft’s work.

Gripes about musicals

I bought tickets to the popular broadway musical, My Fair Lady, a couple of nights back, and I had a great time. Totally enjoyed the musical and its themes on language variation and prestige, as well as the various social issues addressed, backed by a fantastic cast.

However, it got a little bit annoying when the musical did not exactly start at the stipulated time. It seemed as if the theatre waited for latecomers to arrive before commencing that the doors be closed. And even while the musical began, there were a couple of latecomers, which might have disturbed a few patrons as they had to stand up to let the latecomers through to their seats, while the musical was going on. While I cannot assume that latecoming for musicals is something very common over here, I really hope that more would be concerned about coming to a musical or a performance on time. I’m sure those who came punctual would greatly appreciate it.

What the fish?

A friend of mine recently set up a marine tank on his own. It’s a beautiful yet simply maintained blog, with pictures and constant updates of his tank and the various marine denizens living in it. This just led me to think about how many Singaporeans are actually into setting up aquariums and rearing fish. Many have fresh water fish tanks, and some breed discus, while other breed the regal looking Arowanas. I’ve been checking out fish lovers’ forums and there are a good number of fish lovers and breeders active. Others who are more resourceful, buy ‘auspicious’ species which bodies are rumored to show lottery numbers if taken care of properly. It has not been long since the Luohan Fish craze died down, where many punters who invested their time and money in the fish but failed to win at the lotteries discarded them into public ponds and reservoirs.

Botanic Gardens


Originally uploaded by Liangcai.

I made a trip down to the Botanic Gardens to see how the place had changed since the last time I was there (which was, around 3 years back). Glad to say, they cleaned out the pond, and there was an old grandfather feeding bread to the swans with his grandchild. I then headed to the National Orchid Garden where I must say that I was pretty impressed by the various species of orchids, and how well they were cultivated.

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