Back to normal — or not

The extended Chinese New Year holidays are over, which means that it was back to school for the kiddies this morning and it should be back to work as well for most adults.

Except that this morning, there was such a preponderance of cabs slowing down hopefully in front of me at the bus stop, that I can only surmise that a lot of people must not have gone to work today. Whereas one would usually have to call for a cab at that hour, at least 10-15 empty ones passed me in the 10 minutes I spent waiting for my bus.

I also spotted some couples in residential areas wearing red (for good luck) and toting oranges, so they were obviously out visiting rather than off to work.

And one of the companies I freelance for is closed for business for the entire week! Though I think that’s the exception rather than the norm. Most Chinese-owned businesses should open tomorrow (the fifth day of the new year) for good luck, if they haven’t already.

Singaporeans may work like crazy caged rats for most of the year, but at least some people are having a good break this week.

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