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Peekaboo Fences

The Botanic Gardens are expanding, and this latest addition is on the old NIE campus (now the NUS Law Faculty, and previously SMU as well).

peekaboo 2

The peekaboo cut-outs in the fencing around the construction site are irresistable to the curious. Great idea. Can’t wait to see the completed garden.

peekaboo 1

Have a Chinese New Year Valentine’s

If you’ve been to Orchard Road as of late, you will notice that there will be people trying to sell you roses and other trinkets related to Valentines day, whilst walking around along a street full of Chinese New Year decorations in preparation for Chingay and CNY.

It feels weird. Just weird.



It’s been a while since I’ve seen trashbins like this. Just had to take a picture.

Titty hill


Guess what I saw from the school library! I wonder what goes on in the mind of the designer. Doesn’t look like it is meant for any functional purpose.

We sure do drink a lot


Seng Shiong supermarket just before chinese new year. They have an entire section dedicated to drinks of all types and sizes. The section comes along with its own promoter as well to ensure that people patronise the place.

I sometimes wonder if there was really that much things to chat about when we have visitors over that warrant such a huge amount of drinks being served. Still, the amount of drinks being imported at this time of the year is scary.

Start the Chinese New Year off with some Good Vibrations

Kick-off the Chinese New Year with some great music at the Good Vibrations Festival – some fantastic local and international acts including the Beastie Boys, Jurassic 5, DJ Dan, Electrico, Bushmen and many many more.

Get yourself to Fort Canning Park on 19th Feb (day 2 of CNY) for an “eclectic mix of great music, atmosphere and killer vibes“.

More info, including ticketing details, can be found at the Good Vibrations Festival 2007 website.

One of the craziest soccer matches

Couple of days back, I watched the match between Singapore and Thailand’s first leg of the ASEAN League tournament final. Though I’m not a fan of soccer in general, I just came out of my room once in a while to see what was happening. The craziest thing happened during the 83rd minute when the referee called for a dubious penalty for Singapore. Apparently one of the Singaporean players had fought for a header with a Thailand player, and then fell backwards. From the cameras, I couldn’t see if he was pulled by the Thai player or he fell on his own, so I shan’t comment on that. What happened after that is the real story. The Thai coach motioned for his players off the field, and they all stormed to the sides in protest, refusing to play unless the refree’s decision was revoked. I could almost see the disgust in their faces about the ruling. The fiasco lasted for about 15 minutes before the match resumed, ending with a 2-1 win for Singapore. I guess this really doesn’t help matters between Singapore and Thailand, following Temasek’s $3.8 billion acquisition of Shin Corp last year.

By the way, I still have my reservations about having so many foreign players in our sport teams.

Read more about the match here

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