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24 Hours of Singapore

May 5th is 24 Hours of Flickr. Its a day where Flickr members will shoot pictures of their whole day and upload them to Flickr, specifically into the 24 Hours of Flickr group. Selected photos will be featured in a companion book and also at Flickr events.

I know I am gonna do this just because its fun. Plus it’ll definitely put a footprint on the global map for our sunny little island.

Anyone else game? Oh yeah, Flickr account signups are free too.

Traffic and me.

My place is just about a 15 minute drive to school, but it takes me over an hour to get home by public transport during peak hours.

Its crazy that this is happening considering that we want to ween our citizens off having a car and more onto public transportation. However, as of late, the quality of service has been deteriorating. Maybe its because of acquisitions by SMRT of TIBS, or the consolidation of services by transportation companies that there really is no competition to force a better quality of service.

I’ve now resorted to waiting till the peak hour is over before actually heading home. That in itself takes about 30 minutes of my time.

Perhaps its really time to consider getting a car. I’d rather fight with the traffic jams than watch myself miss buses because they are simply too crowded to get on.

Nokia’s The search for The Soul of the City


Ever felt like you were a tourist in your own country? Well here’s a chance to finally get to know more about your own city, while putting yourself up for great prizes at the same time. A new competition has just been launched in Singapore – “Nokia N95’s Wireless Adventure” – The search for The Soul of the City. This is an event that is being conducted in several countries in the region, offering people a chance to compete for up to $10,000 and the Nseries N95 (currently sold out in Singapore)

The event takes place on 26th May 2007. Registration closes 13th May 2007

Log on to for more information and to register!

Bring Your Own Bag Day

As an Earth Day tribute, what better way to start my foray at Metblogs than to ponder at Singapore’s attempt to minimise waste over the years.

Whether environmentally altruistic or prompted by shortage of land for more landfills, it would appear the government has come up with strategies to break Singaporeans into the habit of recycling. In 1996 they came up with recycling bins promoting waste segregation. Now they have an annual Recycling Day, a fortnightly collection program under the National Recycling Program and the latest campaign to add to the list – the Bring Your Own Bag Day.


Free Coke

Free Coke

Originally uploaded by Liangcai.

I was in Raffles Place yesterday for a job interview, and there was one of them free coke tents in the middle of the main area, distributing bottles of free drinks. I wonder if any other countries use such a marketing technique, but it sure drew a pretty long queue. Hey, it’s Singapore, you’ll lose out if you don’t get something for free ;)


Apparently now Europe’s pissed with us because some of their MEPs were gagged from speaking at a forum on democracy on Europe and Asia. We were likened to “repressive regimes such as North Korea”.


Read more about it here

Last weekend to…

file your taxes!

Best time to avoid the e-file crush would probably be early in the morning – the IRAS server seems quite speedy right about now, actually.

Deadline to file your taxes is 15 April (that’s tomorrow!) for hardcopy forms, and 18 April for e-filing.

More shock tactics

more shock tactics

Originally uploaded by Liangcai.

As Tym mentioned previously about the government bodies using shock tactics to put across certain messages to the public, it seems like smoking is not the only field that is being targeted out there.

While this picture may have you fooled, it’s actually a set up of an accident scene, complete with ‘props’ such as beer bottles and scrap metal lying all around, enough to make you stop for a while and take a look, even if you might already know of the dangers of drinking while driving. What’s really ironic is that this setup was actually in the midst of a car sale.

A touch of kindness

I was waiting for the bus today and I saw two blind men heading towards the bus queue. As there was no one helping them along, they had to hold on to one another as they looked for the correct bus stop. A boy from the front of the queue saw them, and immediately ran over to the two men and led them by the hand all the way to the queue, coincidentally the same one that he was taking as well. It’s nice to see random acts of kindness like this. Makes the world seem like a better place.

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