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Diagonal Crossing

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Diagonal Crossing, originally uploaded by jeremyfoo.

This is perhaps one of the busiest and most unique road junctions in Singapore. Traffic flows in all directions controlled by a multitude of traffic lights.

Most of the advances in traffic control technologies are also used here, with the introduction of the integrated countdown timer into the red light for the pedestrian crossing.

Still, the coolest feature would be the fact that pedestrians can cross the road diagonally. Apart from that, you have options to cross the road at the usualy perimeter as well as through the centre depending on how the traffic is flowing.

To date, I have never had the chance nor have seen others do the diagonal bit but I sure as hell want to try one of these days, just to stand in the middle of the road and snap pictures.

Vanishing skylines

120804 002.jpg

Originally uploaded by Liangcai

I guess as our land area gets more and more packed, apartments get built higher and higher and eventually we’ll find it hard to see a clear skyline. With the new apartments being set up at Sentosa Cove, I can foresee that sooner or later we would be looking for new areas to develop. I took this picture in Chinatown a couple of years back, and I’m wondering if I should return to take another snapshot and see how things have changed since then. Perhaps a more crowded skyline? Maybe even the presence of a Macdonalds outlet, one of the more popular icons of modernity.

The PC Show 2007 @ Singapore !!

So here its again a one more show of IT products. This time it is PC Show. I had visited the IT Show which happened in March. It was good to see so many products displayed under one roof to grab with more discounts.

Here are the details :

31 May – 3 June, 2007
Opening Hours 12pm – 9pm
Suntec Singapore

website :

Some tips I can give based on my experience with IT Show I had visited in March-2007

–Do your homework before visiting
–Do checkout prices of the products you want to buy @ Sim Lim Square before the show !
–Do checkout offers in the news papers
–Keep your list ready before you visit
–Try to visit early in a day to avoid too much of crowed !
–blog your experience if you are blogging :)

As 31st is a holiday in Singapore, more people will come on the first day itself !!

I will surely visit this show as well. Will try to post some pictures here too !!

Waterspout spotted in Singapore !!

This is something I am seeing first time. So checkout :

Also to know more about what waterspout mens ..see this link

Great Singapore Sale – 2007 !!

You are a shopaholic, so this is the time to get ready for the Great Singapore Sale between 25th May 2007 to 22nd Jul 2007 !!

So join the Sale till you drop !! ..This event has already attracted worldwide attention in the past. So I guess should be the same this year. Look out for discounts upto 70% or more as advertised on radio shows ! ..

This is my first time I am here to experience this event & I am keeping my shopping list ready. Look out for bargains everywhere & see what all you can grab in this season of sale.

Please update us with your comments to help our blog viewers …keep shopping ..Here you go with one picture of 3 super cars show casing the style, beauty & power in a mall :)


I am Sandeep !!

Hello everyone !!

I am the new author on this blog.

I am from India. Working as software professional in Singapore for around 5 months now. My first impression for Singapore city is just great !. Very clean city with good people all around. This is a excellent platform for me to write about this exciting place…Thanks Sean for this opportunity for me to share my views & happenings about Singapore…

cheers ..

That’s one ginormous rabbit

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That’s one ginormous rabbit, originally uploaded by jeremyfoo.

Was wandering around town the other day with the girlfriend when we spotted this Flemish Giant Rabbit at the Pet Lover’s Centre of Centerpoint Orchard.

Apparently this baby is only about 3 months old, but it is already as huge as a puppy. The staff at the shop told us that it would grow to twice its size when it hits full maturity. You could say this is the german shepherd of rabbits.

Still despite its large size, its a pretty docile animal. Rare too because there are only 5 in Singapore.

Average size is up to 5kg with an average lifespan of 5 years.



I love Brewerkz, this is the most amazing place in Singapore to sit, sip a beer and catch up with friends. My favourite haunt, especially during my first 2 months in Singapore, Brewerkz serves some amazing pastas and quesedillas, along with some amazing chilled beer. My suggestion is to go for Bock Lager, or Mock Gwai, whch are one of the best beers i have ever tasted. All in all a fun place, i would like to add that this was something i was not planning to write but seeing Jer talk about one of his favourite places, i thought I too should share my ideas. :)

The last few cups of Hoegaarden


In an effort to get a last cup of Hoegaarden before it ran out, I headed out to Daybed Bar with a few of my friends. I’ve searched the archives and am shocked to see that I’ve never talked about this wonderful place, despite having known about it for about a year.

Much has changed since it first started out. The music’s different, the menu’s different, but the management and the Martinis are still the same. Interestingly, George, the manager recognised me from my Flickr shots of the place.

So what’s so good about the place? Its the beds man, frigging beds you get to recline on and just enjoy the buzz of alcohol that runs through your blood. Add the more electronic, trancey kinda music and you get a lethal combination for relaxation. Its quite the cozy hangout.

Come June they will be undergoing a revamp to extend the bar to the usually empty non air-conditioned smoking area. From what I hear, they might be adding a small dance floor too. Additions also include having food that would encompass many different flavors by having sauces from different continents.

All in all, a wonderful place to hang out at. I might just hold my birthday party there too.

heritage city or economic wonderland!

The fact that Singapore has so many different cultures coming together and living comfortably amazes me. We have Chinese, Malays, Europeans, Indians, Muslims living togther and with absolutely no issues. They all seem to adapt to a lifestyle very Singaporean in nature, I am not saying there is no diversity, but there seems to be a common thread between all. Is it consumerism? maybe, after all this is a city which likes the five Cs, namely Cash, Car, Credit card, Condominium, and membership(s) of Country club’s_of_Singapore that is the ultimate goal i guess, but still whenever i go to pockets of regional culture like Little India, China town or Al Junied for that matter, i am fascinated by the change i see in the city from one part to another! its like u cud never believe that little india and Raffles place are just 3 kms apart, its amazing! with culture being important along with Economic power. I guess it is correct to say this is the meeting place for cultures from east and west!

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