Bird Attack

bird attack

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As some of you might know, we’ve been having problems with regards to the pigeon population. Most of this problems stem from illnesses that are caused from bacteria found in its droppings. During those days, people may throw the birds leftovers from the market, or leave some bread under a tree. If I still remember correctly, a couple of years ago (I was still young then) the government had various efforts aimed at getting people not to feed the birds in public areas such as markets, parks and the like. As such, I think that my generation of people would probably have been brought up on the notion that some birds are more dangerous than others. It was interesting then, that I felt slightly repulsed as I saw pigeons swarming a table of food left by a Starbucks customer. It happened so fast that the staff hadn’t had time to clear the trash yet – the birds probably did the job for him anyways.

Read more about controlling the pigeon population at this discussion forum at

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