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Bird Attack

bird attack

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As some of you might know, we’ve been having problems with regards to the pigeon population. Most of this problems stem from illnesses that are caused from bacteria found in its droppings. During those days, people may throw the birds leftovers from the market, or leave some bread under a tree. If I still remember correctly, a couple of years ago (I was still young then) the government had various efforts aimed at getting people not to feed the birds in public areas such as markets, parks and the like. As such, I think that my generation of people would probably have been brought up on the notion that some birds are more dangerous than others. It was interesting then, that I felt slightly repulsed as I saw pigeons swarming a table of food left by a Starbucks customer. It happened so fast that the staff hadn’t had time to clear the trash yet – the birds probably did the job for him anyways.

Read more about controlling the pigeon population at this discussion forum at

F1 Party coming to Singapore!

Finally its confirmed, the biggest party is coming to Singapore. F1 circus will be down here in October next year, plus its going to be the biggest spectacle the world has ever seen in formula 1. Its going to be a night race. The drivers are worried, but the government in Singapore is confident that they can do it, and I am confident that the government will do it if they say so. This is what I like about this place, they always keep challenging themselves, and succeed. But still the safety issues are not mitigated. Fernando Alonso has been most vocal against the concept of a night race. This is a question I want to throw to all the readers. Can we make it? Will Singapore succeed in hosting the first ever Night F1 Grand Prix?

Thank you Singapore!!!

I am the new writer on this blog.

I am a 22 year old student at NUS originally from India, but For the last 6 months or so, Singapore has been my life. This city is so amazing, it just makes me wonder in amazement. Life is great here, and to top it all, its the people that are wonderful. This is just a warm up post, I hope you guys would warm up to my posts. I want to thank Sean for this great opportunity for giving me a chance to share my views on Singapore, my second home.


Did you get your Offset Package?

So as micamonkey mentioned, most of the citizenry will get an Offset Package aimed at helping us cope with the increase in GST in July 2007. For guys who completed their mandatory National Service, they get an additional $100. Let’s hope people will put the money to good use and not use it to go on holidays or something as I remember reading some reports about with regards to the eshares that were distributed a couple of years back. What a joke.

Free money doesn’t come easy

After yesterday’s announcement that all Singaporeans will be getting their GST Offset Package letter in the mail today, I found at 10pm that the package website where people can claim their “free” monies is down!

Everybody must be rushing to cash in on the free money offer that the heavy traffic has clogged up the pipes down at the CPF servers like an evening traffic jam on the CTE (central expressway)!

Luckily I’ve clocked in a tad earlier yesterday but unfortunately for my parents, I’ll probably have to wait till 3am to see if the mad rush has cooled off or if people are all staying up for it just like me. After all, this is the nation that queues up for freebies overnight for days or just to catch a good seat in a concert.

Update: Wednesday 16 May 2007 at 12:08am, I refreshed the website and found it to be functioning again. Thank goodness I didn’t have to wait till 3am. *phew*

GST Offset Package

Last November, the Prime Minister highlighted the possible increase in Goods and Services Tax (GST) from 5% to 7% which was confirmed the day after valentines Day this year during the announcement of the Budget. The increase is slated to come into effect in July 2007. As such, the next time you buy a flat screen TV for $2999 (before GST), you are actually paying $3208.93 – a full $200 more! It’s going to hurt.

To appease the fury of the masses, the once socialist democratic government quickly step up to announce a S$4 billion package to offset the GST increase and to quell the raging discontent of the working class most likely to be affected sharply by this price hike.

Alright so maybe I’m being a tad melodramatic but seriously have you signed up for your “free money” GST Offset Package yet?

Back to sunny ol Singapore

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. I just got back from Taiwan last night. Great trip, and the weather was good. The heat wave that hit me as I headed out of the Singapore airport surely made me miss Taiwan a great deal, although it also brought a smile to my face with the familiarity of the warm and humid weather over here. Many things to be said about the trip, although one thing’s for sure : makes u appreciate your home quite a bit more.

International Museum Day 2007

IMD 2007 is back again! This time it comes with a promise of 80 Activities in 24 Museums over 10 Days from 18 – 27 May 2007. Although it says International Museum Day but it comes packed with more than a week’s worth of activities. The actual date of IMD is really on 18 May every year and has been celebrated as such since 1977. This year, the theme of IMD is “Museums and Universal Heritage” and you can find out what the museums around the world are doing on this day.

In Singapore, the date simply kicks off a series of activities and lots of discounts and incentive to visit the multitudes of museums that you never knew existed in Singapore! To find the complete list of activities, refer to this list on the Singapore IMD07 website.

The Unforgotten

Montage 2007, the annual photography competition organized by the NUS Photographic Society is here again. This year, the theme is The Unforgotten.

According to the Montage 2007 website:

“This year, through the theme “The Unforgotten”, NUSPS aims to provide an opportunity for participants to recall special moments which had been forgotten, in the busy and ever-changing city of Singapore.

Why “The Unforgotten”?
The reason for selecting this theme is because the society believes that many people, especially the younger generation, no longer appreciate the past. Through this year’s Montage the society hopes to generate awareness amongst the participants that the past is not “forgotten” but rather the past should be “unforgotten”, which people should cherish.”

There are two categories of competition.

1) Open Competition: For all ages. Online submission to until 26th May 2007, 2359h. Submission is fully online only and only digital prints are accepted. Each person can submit up to 4 photos.
2) Youth Competition: For persons below 25 years of age. One day competition from 25th May, 1800hr to 26th May, 1800hr.

For more information please refer to the Montage 2007 website.

Personally, I wonder what would suffice for the theme of Unforgotten. Indeed in the changing landscape of Singapore, so many things are constantly being forgotten. In fact, change is probably the only constant in Singapore. So how do we recognize something that we have already forgotten? That’s a question that calls for some great reflection.

Singaporeans – world’s fastest walkers?

Yet again, another Numero Uno for Singapore. Apparently Singapore topped a list of 32 cities surveyed by a British Psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman on the speed of each city’s pedestrian walkers. According to the study, Singaporeans took just 10.55 seconds to walk a distance of over 18 metres which is about 4.5 car lengths.

Of course Singapore is probably delighted at being crowned Number One again but is being the most hectic city in the world necessarily a good thing?

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