Singapore HeritageFest 2007!

heritagefest 2007

The HeritageFest is here again! Held from 18 to 29 July, there will be a main festival hub at Suntec City where there will be stage performances, exhibitions and lots of activities for kids and the young at heart.

Check out the Fest 2007 website for more information or read on to see the monkey’s personal favourites for must dos and must sees!

For the uninitiated, perhaps every event is equally refreshing and exciting but personally I like things, people and culture that I have never been in touch with before. So here’s a list of performances and programs that I find very interesting.

19 July, Thursday
Culture 101 – Tracing Roots: How to draw chinese family trees

Venue: Kreta Ayer Community Club, Exhibition Hall
Time: 7pm – 8pm
This talk will be in presented in two parts. Mr Chen’s talk (in English) will touch on the importance of genealogy in Chinese families and society. It will also cover the correct way of addressing family members and relatives according to paternal and maternal lines. In addition, he will trace briefly the history of the Hakka immigrants to the region, especially Singapore. Mr Leong’s talk (in Mandarin) will have him share his own personal experience in tracing more than 20 generations of his family in Singapore and China.
Monkey says: Naturally being Chinese I am curious about my own heritage but there are also talks on indian family trees. For more information see: Culture 101 Talks

20 July, Friday
Hokkien Opera: The Haunted Temple

Venue: Suntec City, Tropics Atrium
Time: 6.30pm
Adapted from the Shaw Brothers’ popular movie in the ’60s, this dynamic and boisterous operatic version offers a refreshing look at traditional opera
Monkey says: There is also Teochew and Cantonese opera on 21 July and 22 July.

20 July, Friday
Culture 101 – Tracing Roos: Eurasian Singaporeans, their Roots and Family Trees

Venue: Eurasian Community House
Time: 7-8pm
The talk will cover the history of the Eurasian Community in Singapore and examine some of the family names, their origins and links to the region. The talk will also cover the resources available today for family historians, how to get their own family research going and some of the limitations and challenges faced.
Monkey says: Ever since I saw a current affairs program on TV recently featuring the medieval swordmanship classes at the Eurasian Association, I’ve been deeply fascinated with this group of diminishing community in Singapore! I really want to find out more so I believe I shall venture into the usually unexplored East of Singapore for this westie.

21 July, Saturday
Fun on Foot, the Race for Singapore’s Firsts!

Venue: Raffles Landing
Registration begins at 730am
See the Fun on Foot website for more information
Monkey says: Well I won’t be taking part as a contestant this year but right after queueing up for the Harry Potter Book 7 released the same day, I will be rushing down to Raffles Landing to help out at the event!

22 July, Sunday
Vintage Car Showcase

Venue: National Museum of Singapore, Front Lawn
Time: 9am-5pm
It’s va va vroom with a vintage touch! Come admire the sleek styles of vintage and classic cars this festival! Catch these beauties and more as they drive in style around the City area. Then stroll over to the National Museum of Singapore where you can get up close with them. Complete your special experience by joining the owners as they share their automotive love stories. If you are into vintage cars, then you will discover how much you and the owners of these beauties have in common. All revved up yet?
Monkey says: A must for all car lovers!

27 July, Friday
Expedition “H” Trail 7: The Other Face of Geylang

Venue: Start off at Festival Hub Info Counter
Time: 6 – 10pm
Mention Geylang and its notorious red-light district reputation may come to mind. But some individuals will beg to differ. Conducted by past and present Geylang residents, who will share with you cherished memories of the charming district and their pride for the neighbourhood, you will begin to realise that Geylang used to be the preferred choice of residence. Geylang is also known for its great food. Come explore a side of Geylang you’ve never seen before!
Tip: If you are out to see what is already known, this tour isn’t for you!
Monkey says: A night tour of the red light district of Singapore need I say more? Actually the tour is nothing to do with the sex trade but more to do with the community and food haven that coexist side by side with the red light district. Should be interesting!

Too much to see, too much to introduce, I think I’ll talk more about the Expedition H trails another time. But if you want to check out the other trails, see the Expedition H website

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