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Jay Chou at The Cathay

Curious about what this crowd gathered at The Cathay near Dhoby Ghaut MRT was about, Paparazzi Monkey ventured to find out more.

NDP 07.

My uncle’s the parade commander. I didn’t even know.

Jetquay and weird stuff.

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This is warped shit., originally uploaded by jeremyfoo.

Was at Jetquay yesterday to help out at friend’s film shoot. I am one of the few who didn’t even know such a place existed on the Changi Airport campus. Apparently its a private VIP terminal for well… VIPs. I guess that’s where George Bush got off when he visited Singapore the other time.

The place looks really upper class-ish, totally befitting the VIP concept. Hell, even the WiFi here’s uber fast. I grabbed some file off bit torrent at about 2MB/s.

Thinking back, its really like a miniature Changi Airport in terms of look and feel just that its catered towards people who can afford to buy any one of the paintings on the wall (~$75K) without batting an eyelid.

Still I guess the weirdest thing is to see this sculpture by some Singaporean on display. At first I though it was a Botero, but upon reading the tag, its some fella from our fair country. You can’t miss it because its right in front of you when you enter the terminal. It looks alright then, but once you start taking notice and actually come round its side, its just totally wrong.

I’d leave it to your imagination as to how its like in full 3D.

A crash

I was on the way home last night from my friends’ place. It had just stopped raining and the ground was still wet. As my friend drove towards a slip lane, we spotted a row of 4 cars along the roadside, and thinking that it was a stackup, we decided to approach the area a little more cautiously and with a little curiosity. Upon nearing the area, we realised that a bike had skidded and crashed, and a passenger, a woman if I didn’t remember wrongly, was lying motionless on the ground. The male rider, was hugging her and crying. The drivers from the cars had stopped to see if there was anything they could do to help.

A sobbering scene indeed. I reached home feeling upset about the whole incident and I sure hope that the girl is fine.

Queueing for Harry Potter 7

Singaporean’s favourite pastime is queueing up afterall. At any drop of the hat, if we can find a good excuse to queue up, we will.

I must confess that I’m a novice queuer. I’ve never truly indulged in the Singaporean art of queueing. But this time, with Borders enticing people with a free Hedwig Owl plush toy for the first 500 people who collect their pre-ordered Harry Potter 7 book from them has got succumbing to temptation.

On 20 July, I will be queueing outside Borders from the early dusk till 7.01am on 21 July 2007 when Borders opens its doors at Wheelock Place for the launch of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I’ll be queueing with a friend who has decided to bring a sleeping bag and camp over that day while I’ve got a full strategy planned out since I have to rush off to an event by 730am!

I really don’t want to be number one in line. Number two would be good enough for me. *grin*

Would you be queueing up at Borders too? Leave a comment!

19 July 2007 Update:
For those who were unnecessarily alarmed by my “kiasu”-ness (read: overzealous competitive scared-to-lose attitude), I have gotten word that OFFICIAL program for the countdown to launch of Harry Potter 7 at Borders begins at 5am.

According to the Borders mailer, festivities start at 5am and include: free face painting, free balloon sculpting, quizzes, cheerleaders, games, countdown to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows release, costume ‘best dressed’ competition, Unlock the Gold winner prize presentation, giveaways, movie screenings, magic storytelling and live music!

Sounds like a blast but friends and I have decided to bring Harry Potter 6 for a reread so we can launch straight into Potter 7 with a mind fresh of where we left off last!

Although it’s silly now but I just found out that I no longer have to rush off at 7.15am so I actually don’t have to queue anymore but i’ll still do it anyway because it’s the last chance you’ll ever get to queue for Harry Potter if you never done it before like me!

Launch of Singapore Heritage Fest 2007

A rousing start to the Singapore Heritage Fest 2007 kicked start 2 weeks of activities and festivities at the festivalhub@suntec as well as numerous other venues all over Singapore.

Singapore Heritage Fest 2007 Opening ceremony

The opening launch saw the guest of honor and CEO of National Heritage Board winding up a gramaphone and playing a record from the 1950s which has chinese and malay lyrics! It is a song about a conversation between a nonya and malay person. How Singaporean can that get?! What more, cross-cultural musical exchange and involvement of all the audience in familiar Singapore classics like Chan Mali Chan and Ye Lai Xiang brings back good memories and a rousing of community spirit.

Interactive Performance

The exhibit was especially nostalgic with a mock up of classroom from the past, complete with blackboard chalk and duster. In fact, you can even find an old school pencilcase exhibited in one of the glass cases with teenage mutant ninja turtle eraser and tikam toy courtesy of yours truly. A couple of exhibits at the exhibition was actually contributed by me! The curator, Jeremiah, was a very enthusiastic man who even got his mom to contribute her own wedding paraphernalia for the exhibition! His mom even came down for the opening of the exhibition. It was all very sweet.

Getting all hairy about Harry

Sorry. Bad pun there. I don’t even know if the title makes sense, but what more to attract a reader’s attention? With all the recent hype about the newest Harry Potter movie, and the great anticipation surrounding the end of the entire series, many I know are going all rabid about the release of the new book. Some places have even offered pre-orders of the last book (in hardcover, if I’m not wrong).

So how are your countries handling Potter fever?


From nat, CityChase.

Looks interesting, looks fun and it’s here in Singapore on the 14th July. Form teams of 2 to figure out challenges to your mind, body and possibly spirit?

Check it out. I would go for this if I didn’t have some stuff on that day. Maybe next year.

07-07-07 is Live Earth Day


New York, London, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney and Hamburg are eight cities that will be attempting to promote the cause of saving our earth using the global reach of music and a 8-city concert.

If you are interested, you can take part in this global activity by joining in the call at

On another note, it is interesting that the language that one gets when one clicks on the Singapore flag on the page is Malay ;)

It’s getting hot in here

Is it just me, or is the weather getting more and more humid nowadays? It’s almost unbearable to be outside, and even with a decent cloud cover, the humidity is enough to make one want to stay indoors and somewhere cool. Sure doesn’t help that I have to wear a black shirt and black pants for an ushering job that requires me to stand in the open. All I can do is hope for some wind and rain.

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