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This is warped shit., originally uploaded by jeremyfoo.

Was at Jetquay yesterday to help out at friend’s film shoot. I am one of the few who didn’t even know such a place existed on the Changi Airport campus. Apparently its a private VIP terminal for well… VIPs. I guess that’s where George Bush got off when he visited Singapore the other time.

The place looks really upper class-ish, totally befitting the VIP concept. Hell, even the WiFi here’s uber fast. I grabbed some file off bit torrent at about 2MB/s.

Thinking back, its really like a miniature Changi Airport in terms of look and feel just that its catered towards people who can afford to buy any one of the paintings on the wall (~$75K) without batting an eyelid.

Still I guess the weirdest thing is to see this sculpture by some Singaporean on display. At first I though it was a Botero, but upon reading the tag, its some fella from our fair country. You can’t miss it because its right in front of you when you enter the terminal. It looks alright then, but once you start taking notice and actually come round its side, its just totally wrong.

I’d leave it to your imagination as to how its like in full 3D.

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  1. illka (unregistered) on July 24th, 2007 @ 12:56 pm

    Hey Jeremy, actually JetQuay’s CIP terminal is affordable to everyone. For an arrival service its SGD150 for non members, and for departure service its SGD300 for non members. The JetQuay staff manage your boarding pass and baggage and load your hand luggage on an electric buggy, which takes you to the air-bridge to board the plane for boarding. cheers.

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