Jay Chou at The Cathay

Curious about what this crowd gathered at The Cathay near Dhoby Ghaut MRT was about, Paparazzi Monkey ventured to find out more.

Turned out that Jay Chou was in town for the premiere the movie titled “Secret” or “bu neng shou de mi mi” in Mandarin. This is the first movie directed, written by and starring Jay Chou himself! It was said that the story is about Jay Chou’s first love. Wonder if it’s a true story.

For those unfamiliar, Jay Chou is a talented Taiwanese singer, songwriter and producer of music. Previously he starred in the movie Curse of the Golden Flower alongside Chow Yuen Fatt and Gong Li. Of course, what he’s more famous for amongst the young’uns is probably the title role in Initial D.

Personally I am a rather big fan but gave up queueing up to play groupie and instead went for dinner in anticipation of watching The Simpsons movie. After all, I swore that after queueing up for Harry Potter overnight, I’ve hit my quota for queueing and playing groupie for the next 12 months!

Update @ 10.30pm: Apparently Jay Chou was late for the premier and resulted in the gala screening of “Secret” at The Grand Cathay being postponed. This resulted in my Simpsons Movie screening slated for after the Gala screening to be delayed by 30 minutes! That did not make this monkey a happy camper but at least the Simpsons did not disappoint! There were also tons of fans with Jay Chou posters huddled outside the theatre entrance waiting to catch a glimpse of him exiting. Unfortunately due to camera battery failure, I’m unable to provide more scintillating photos. I was in fact rather sullen about the fact that if I was 30 minutes earlier I might have been sitting in the same theatre as him! Sigh alas…

A check at the Gramophone music store at Cathay reported that if you had bought the advanced screening tickets to the Jay Chou movie, you would be able to meet him in person at a “tea dance” at The Dragonfly at St James Power Station! I have not heard that term “tea dance” for such a long time! It’s always been a rather “ah beng” or cantopop term for the quasi-clubbing sessions for underaged kids who could not drink but wants to party like their adult counterparts. *lol* I still remember when I was younger, tea dances were banned for a while because kids were misbehaving. Ah, those were the days *grin* I believe my sisters attended these “tea dances” before. *grin*

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  1. jer (unregistered) on July 31st, 2007 @ 7:38 pm

    where are the photos of the boy? You’re not that a good paparazzi! :P

  2. micamonkey (unregistered) on August 1st, 2007 @ 12:07 am

    haha i admit i was a bad paparazzi but if you read what I wrote, I thought that you guys would be sick of reading about me queueing up for yet another event. but of course if you guys WOULD like me to play paparazzi and queue up, please let me know.

    lol this monkey doesn’t know where the readers’ interest lie if nobody comments! :)

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