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Holland Village on a lazy afternoon


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This wasn’t meant as an ad for Gelare. I was testing the various colour settings for my camera this afternoon while sipping margaritas along Holland Village. I like the place for its strange juxtaposition of housing flats and mainstream eating areas and watering holes. While it gets pretty crowded in the evenings, this place is a paradise in the afternoons.

Hey! Gorgeous at NUS

Paparazzi Monkey strikes again. This time conveniently on the campus of NUS.

Today was the filming of Hey! Gorgeous, the varsity pageant reality TV program that seeks to find the school hunks and babes across the universities and tertiary institutions in Singapore.

Guess what is this man selling?

Dempsey Road birdman

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If you guessed parrots, you are dead wrong. Interestingly enough, the shop signage poses a strange backdrop to the entire scene. I took this picture at Dempsey Road, just outside a carpet merchant shop, where the owners train and rear these parrots. It’s interesting that the parrots are not chained in any way to the branches of their stands – they are just perched there obediently as the owner speaks to them as if they were humans like us.

Sex shop at bugis

Sex shop at bugis

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One of the more interesting sights that I noticed at Bugis Village when I was there. I didn’t remember it being there the last time I came, but that was probably some time ago anyway. Interesting use of the name “Consex”. Perhaps its a play on the words “condom” and “sex”.

Happy Birthday Singapore from sick me

Unfortunately, I caught a viral flu and spent most of the National Day week resting. Anyhow, I caught snippets of the parade from the television and it looked pretty refreshing to see a change in venue. One of the more interesting performances that caught my eye was the ‘electronic kites’ that were flown around. Indeed, they reminded me a lot of fireflies and UFOs, but it was something different for once.

Alright, will blog more once I’ve gotten better. Beware the viral flu bug that has been going around.

Happy National Day

ndp 069

Happy 42nd Birthday Singapore!

Please pardon the badly done stick-on tattoo from last year’s National Day Parade preview, the last parade held in the old National Stadium at Kallang.

Of Granite and Quarries

Serious-news-beat Monkey has just received word that the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) released a media statement this afternoon that the granite supply situation in Singapore is now stable and the granite quarry on Pulau Ubin will not be reopened for now!


For more information, read the media statement here.

HSPA is here.

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HSPDA mobile speed test, originally uploaded by jeremyfoo.

Starhub has switched on the tap to their HSPA (3.5G) data network.

Speed tests tells us its pretty decent though not hitting real world speeds. I’m supposed to get 1.8Mbit/sec with my device.

Oh well. Improvements in the future perhaps.

Preview of The Home Song Stories

Home Song Stories Preview

Yesterday, paparazzi monkey was invited to a special preview of the movie “The Home Song Stories” starring Joan Chen and Qi Yuwu. Slated to open in Singapore on 30 August 2007, the preview was organized by the film distributor, Scorpio East Entertainment for a theatre of invited guests. Amongst the invite list, this monkey spotted a list for “TV and Theatre” and I almost thought I saw Haresh Sharma of Necessary Stage there but I could be wrong. Although I was hoping that Qi Yuwu himself would appear at the theatre, I had to make do with his many topless scenes in the movie.

English as it is spoken

With the ongoing Speak Good English Campaign, there have been many government initiatives set up to promote this idea. Besides the regular banners and posters, the newspapers have also taken it up with the weekly “English as it is Broken” column, where readers are encouraged to send in pictures of instances where ‘broken’ English has been used. Examples include a Fishball Noodle stall with a large sign stating “Fishingball noodles”, and a warning road sign which states “Dead slow, Live children”. I personally chuckled when I saw the sign, as I thought that the guy who came up with that had a twisted sense of humor indeed.

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