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New ERP Gantry at Hill View

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New ERP Gantry at Hill View, originally uploaded by jeremyfoo.

I know that the government has said that they will increase the number of ERP gantries all over the island, but is this really necessary.

I saw this one the other day near the Hill View estates after Railmall. This is insane because it is still about a good 500 metres from the entrance to the PIE. I’d have to pay the ERP charge if I ever drive to school, which is just another 700 metres down the road and doesn’t even touch the expressway.

Sure the excuse is to install the damn thing to help ease congestion during peak hours, but seriously, over here? These are the more upscale estates. And does the government really think that people will choose another time to go to work just because its more expensive now?

There can only be a few scenarios,

  1. People all choose to avoid the ERP, moving the peak hour down to another time slot.
  2. People don’t give a rat’s ass and continue to plow ahead, helping the government earn more money and still congesting the roads.
  3. The already crowded public transportation network gets even more unbearable.

The only thing I can see that comes out of this is just an excuse to get more money in their coffers. Apart from that, its just an exercise in stupidity, because very soon, our road tax will become redundant as there will be these monsters all over the island.

But knowing people who are already making so much from such a system. Things won’t change. We’ll still pay more for our cars. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. And we’ll still be stupid to continue buying cars because its a sign of status.


Been busy with industrial attachment so I’d pause this to make a short post.

I saw an iPhone the other day at Vivocity. This dude was getting some clear plastic protective film applied to the screen. It was definitely an iPhone cause there were a hell lot of apps and also cause there was the slit for the earpiece.

Now back to regular programming.

Tasty Crustaceans

Tasty Crustaceans

Originally uploaded by Liangcai

The Chilli Crab, I feel, is one of the most interesting dishes one can have in Singapore. The spicy gravy really brings out the flavour of the sweet crab meat (I know there are those who would only have their crabs steamed). I paid for 1.1kg crab, and I really didn’t expect it to be THAT huge. The picture probably doesn’t really show it, but half of that was all I had for dinner. The girlfriend ate the other half.

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