Give me a break MDA

Its so ironic that everything that’s said in the video is being totally refuted by the absurdity of the video itself. Its like a huge oxymoron. I have never been more ashamed to be working in the technology sector than it is to be a Singaporean.

For all the good of the government here, information technology apparently seems to be their biggest downfall. From the really ridiculous contracts they hand out to companies that provide substandard work, to the trends that they want to promote, to the policies that they implement, they don’t seem to get it right. Even worst, they don’t seem to factor in the fact that its not always the academics that get it right.

Maybe its the lack of knowledge in this particular field of social technology that is fast becoming the mainstay of many, or the plain ignorance of the fact that its not something that you can just glean off academics, or it could just be the old fashion ideas that the screw ups, or the ones who don’t follow in their ideal way of becoming successful, actually would be the ones they have to contact in this field.

The worst part about this video is that it has been featured on TechCrunch. And reading the comments that has now been associated with this particular video, you get the general idea that perhaps to the public, MDA is just making a video for the fun of it. However, when you realise that its actually something that’s serious, it just becomes a very sad affair.

The world is changing, so please, change with the times. We’re still stuck, like MediaCorp, in the Under-One-Roof era.

Updated: More comments here and here.

Updated 2: In the spirit of social media, parody here.

[Article on Techcrunch]

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