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Singapore Boleh!

Thanks to the powers that be, the banner has been fixed and Singapore once again says a tearful goodbye to Malaysia. Makes one appreciate one’s independence :)

Does that mean Singapore Metblogs has to celebrate its independence day on April 14 from now on? :P

Singapore is not a part of Malaysia

At least “not since 1965”!

Recently a metblog singapore reader and friend of mine pointed out something which has been eating at me for a while as well. He asked me, “if it’s ‘melbourne, australia’ on the Metblogs Melbourne header, shouldn’t it be ‘singapore, singapore’ on ours?”

Of course if you looked at the Metblogs Kuala Lumpur site, it does say “Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia”. It seems to follow a city, country format. However, being one of 3 modern city states in the world, shouldn’t we be SIngapore, Singapore?

We’re not a part of Malaysia, not since 1965! And for those who are wondering, we’re not a part of China either.

Our Number 1 Blogger on the iPhone

Found this on Gizmodo. What can I say. We’ve embarrassed ourselves on the international stage again? At least she liked the asian version of the iPhone.

Clementi no more?

This photo of the old cinema at Clementi, beside the MRT station was taken on Sunday, 30 March 2008. At that point in time, there was already a gapping hole in the wall of the building. Yesterday night at 11pm on 31 March 2008, The whole entire wall down the front was a giant gapping hole. I wonder if they are only renovating the exterior or are they pulling the whole building down? Here’s a last glimpse before the new Clementi of tomorrow rises from the ground.

This cinema building is one of those rarer few that have survived from the 70s-80s although the cinema itself has ceased to function since the last 5 years. But today, most have been torn down or replaced by multiplexes like Golden Village with 10 small cinemas in 1 place. Soon the next generation wouldn’t even know we ever had such “antiquated” cinemas with 1 or 2 giant theatres, booklets of paper tickets where seating was 100% manual and the ticketing auntie (or uncle) will write your seat number on it with a “crayon pencil” before tearing it out from the stack and issuing it.

This is how the ticket used to look like. Image taken from National Archives of Singapore

Is the recent past really not worth treasuring at all? Onwards with modernity then!

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