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Minster of Health goes vegan

Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan, who is still recovering from bypass surgery early last month, announced on the Ministry of Health blog that is has adopted a fully plant based diet. After being out of the office for the last 6 weeks he’s trying to catch up and announcing a bunch of office wide changes, including the addition of skype based ‘meet the people’ meetings.

Beancurd Obsession

Rochor Beancurd

Shannon introduced me to Rochor Beancurd last week and now I’m obsessed. That is all.

GTFO Episode 2: Singapore So Far

Tara and I are doing a fun little video podcast about our travels and here’s the brand new episode which covers the last week or so in Singapore:

Tweet Tweet

I did some digging and found some interesting Singapore locals, news sites, blogs, & businesses to follow on Twitter. If you think I did a good job and you like them all, I did you a solid and made a list (aren’t I nice? :D ):

Obviously there are tons more because Singapore likes to tweet! Leave some Tweeters to follow in the comments! Support local tweets!

Bio: World Blogging Award Winner, Writer for Travel Guides, Lifestyle Magazines, Crazy Expat, Hardly Surviving Singapore, Traveling The World Every Day

Bio: Singapore’s Online Art Magazine covers everything arty that’s happening in Singapore, exclusive interviews with artists and commentaries on art trends

Bio: Latest Singapore News.

Bio: Commonpeople is a project to inspire creativity in Singapore.
Note: They haven’t posted for awhile, but I think the vids are great. Tell them to start up again!

Bio: Popular infamous Asian blogger.

Bio: Culturepush tracks cool stuff in art, culture and design in Singapore.

Bio: Your 1-stop SG Swine Flu center – statuses, resources & tips!

Bio: Singapore’s Hackerspace

Bio: The 1st stop for hungry people. We’re Singapore’s best Food and Restuarant guide, listing the best promos & latest reviews- by the community, for the community!

Bio: ieat of Never waste your calories on yucky food!

Bio: Independent Singapore-based post-rock/shoegaze record label

Bio: father of 3, Blogfather of Singapore, satirist, writer, traveler, podcaster, tv host and boss of new media content company. Loves gadgets and bicycle commuting.

Bio: Singapore-based travel writer and food lover.

Bio: I am a cat living in Singapore with a big dream!

Bio: Singapore’s Business landscape, everyday, all day

Bio: The Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. 14 – 26 August 2010

Bio: Singapore Twitter Incidental Musings. Helping Singapore Twitter users meet face-to-face since 2008
Sad Face! Someone needs to run this account and get the tweetups going again!

Bio: Join The Straits Times’ interactive community and get updates from our breaking news and blogs.

Bio: Singapore’s most popular parenting magazine –

Bio: We cover all of Singapore and a little bit more…

Bio: The Unofficial Twitter feed for Bulletin of Singapore Bloggers. (run by @ketsugi)

Bio: Tweeting and RTing the latest and hottest events in Singapore. Join with #sgevents!

Here are some Twitter Lists that may be of interest to you:

Here are the most “influential” tweeters in Singapore according to wefollow:

And the Singaporeans with the most followers:

Remember to add ones to the comments that you like and don’t forget to include your own Twitter account! Stay awesome, Singapore!

Finding Stuff to do in S’pore

I’m living in Singapore for the month of June with my family and with an extended period of time to explore the island I want to make the best of it.

There are a few tools that I have been using to find the good stuff: TweetDeck, Blogs, and just recently FourWhere and YourSingapore.

As a Twitter user I’ve been using TweetDeck’s search feature for months and setup a new search column “Singapore.” I have found out about good (and bad) restaurants, events and just today YourSingapore (ups to @rikaokd who tweeted it) which is a GORGEOUS website created by the Singapore Tourism Board that allows me to browse stuff to do by category and complemented with beautiful photography. I simply drag and drop things that interest me to a shopping cart and then organize by day and view each day on a map so I can make sure that what I want to do isn’t going to be too much to handle. This is imperative for a place like Singapore where it is very hot and humid during the day and you probably want to limit your time outdoors. This app isn’t just for tourists, I think it’s a great way for locals to find things to do as well. Any time I travel and chat with the locals I usually surprise them with some fun thing to do that they hadn’t heard about. Seriously, every city should have this app.

fourwhere is built on top of the popular foursquare check-in application. You are presented with a map of Singapore and you simply click on the area that you are interested in and list of comments and tips pop up for places in that section of the map. It has definitely saved us from making bad choices in restaurants!


After talking to some of the locals, it became clear to me that one of their favorite pasttimes is eating at the many many incredible restaurants and stands. Even Anthony Bourdain has declared Singapore “food heaven!” There are some good blogs that focus on FOOD like ieat|ishoot|ipost and CAMEMBERU, both of which have mouthwatering pics of food and great reviews to go along with.

I would like to find some local Singapore Tweeters that talk about what’s happening here, so if you know any or can recommend even just one, please add to the comments.

I’m also looking for things I can do with a baby. Next week I am going to hang out with Singapore Blissful Babies and also hope to do the canopy walk. Hopefully I don’t have any run-ins with the monkeys as I heard they can be aggressive!

So far so good in Singapore!

Note to self: Where to eat

Since making the last few posts I’ve been getting a bunch of recommendations from people of places to check out, trying to remember them all has been difficult so I thought I’d just post them here and people could add to them if they wanted in the comments.

I’m supposed to check out the coffee at Oriole and Hungry Go Where is a good local site to find things nearby to eat.

I’ve been recommended to check out The Green Room Cafe, Living Greens, Murugan Idli Shop, Original Sin, Post Museum andEnso Kitchen (for Sunday lunch).

Komala Vilas is yummy

Komala Vilas

We decided to walk over to Komala Vilas Vegetarian Indian Restaurant today after reading a few reviews. I’ve got a serious weakness for South Indian cuisine and I’d heard this place was known for it’s idly. Damn straight. Super delicious. It’s actually located on Serangoon road on the same block as that place that used to be Chellas, I think it’s called Big Box or something now. Anyway, it’s a good block for veggies. I also had a Masala Dosa which was the size of a baseball bat and completely yummy. No folks, knives or napkins here which is fine by me but might freak some tourists out. Fairly inexpensive as well, we had a few other things and drinks and it was S$12. Not bad at all.

Vegan in Singapore

Speaking of being vegan, I’ve been on the hunt for good vegan food since setting foot in Singapore. Anyone who knows vegans, we’re kind of an elite class of foodies who are constantly seeking out the best spots in any city we visit. I’ve been lucky enough to have a vegan friend to guide me in most places I go, but when I first got to singapore I was completely on my own. One of the first things I found which was really helpful was the Singapore based Living Vegan blog. The site has a lot of general animal rights and veganism info, but it’s peppered with restaurant reviews so worth spending some time scrolling through.

I think that is where I found Annalakshmi which has been my favorite find so far. Given the population break out here there are a lot of veg-Indian spots in town (like Ananda Bhavanand Chellas – though I think they have recently been renamed) but Annalakshmi stood out to me because it’s Chinatown Point location is a super crazy underground spot, there are no prices so you pay whatever you think your meal was worth, and the food was just plain delicious. It’s not 100% vegan, but it is vegetarian and if you tell the server you are vegan they seem very happy to point out the dishes to avoid. I went there 3 days in a row after I found it and others seem to agree.

There’s also a pretty good list of spots on Happy Cow and I plan to check each and every one out in person as soon as I can. Living Greens is apparently right around the corner from HackerspaceSG so I’m kind of embarrassed that I haven’t been there yet, but that neighborhood is kind of bursting with options so it’ll take some time to work my way through them all.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

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