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I did some digging and found some interesting Singapore locals, news sites, blogs, & businesses to follow on Twitter. If you think I did a good job and you like them all, I did you a solid and made a list (aren’t I nice? :D ):

Obviously there are tons more because Singapore likes to tweet! Leave some Tweeters to follow in the comments! Support local tweets!

Bio: World Blogging Award Winner, Writer for Travel Guides, Lifestyle Magazines, Crazy Expat, Hardly Surviving Singapore, Traveling The World Every Day

Bio: Singapore’s Online Art Magazine covers everything arty that’s happening in Singapore, exclusive interviews with artists and commentaries on art trends

Bio: Latest Singapore News.

Bio: Commonpeople is a project to inspire creativity in Singapore.
Note: They haven’t posted for awhile, but I think the vids are great. Tell them to start up again!

Bio: Popular infamous Asian blogger.

Bio: Culturepush tracks cool stuff in art, culture and design in Singapore.

Bio: Your 1-stop SG Swine Flu center – statuses, resources & tips!

Bio: Singapore’s Hackerspace

Bio: The 1st stop for hungry people. We’re Singapore’s best Food and Restuarant guide, listing the best promos & latest reviews- by the community, for the community!

Bio: ieat of Never waste your calories on yucky food!

Bio: Independent Singapore-based post-rock/shoegaze record label

Bio: father of 3, Blogfather of Singapore, satirist, writer, traveler, podcaster, tv host and boss of new media content company. Loves gadgets and bicycle commuting.

Bio: Singapore-based travel writer and food lover.

Bio: I am a cat living in Singapore with a big dream!

Bio: Singapore’s Business landscape, everyday, all day

Bio: The Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. 14 – 26 August 2010

Bio: Singapore Twitter Incidental Musings. Helping Singapore Twitter users meet face-to-face since 2008
Sad Face! Someone needs to run this account and get the tweetups going again!

Bio: Join The Straits Times’ interactive community and get updates from our breaking news and blogs.

Bio: Singapore’s most popular parenting magazine –

Bio: We cover all of Singapore and a little bit more…

Bio: The Unofficial Twitter feed for Bulletin of Singapore Bloggers. (run by @ketsugi)

Bio: Tweeting and RTing the latest and hottest events in Singapore. Join with #sgevents!

Here are some Twitter Lists that may be of interest to you:

Here are the most “influential” tweeters in Singapore according to wefollow:

And the Singaporeans with the most followers:

Remember to add ones to the comments that you like and don’t forget to include your own Twitter account! Stay awesome, Singapore!

Going local, spotting the tourist

5am Singapore

It looks like it’s been over a year since the last post here and since this is my 5th trip to Singapore in that same time, I thought I might as well make some posts. I’ll be here for a month which will double my “on the ground” time here and likely start giving me enough local knowledge to start offering some advice to newcomers, and if nothing else this will be a fun place to keep track of travel notes and thoughts. And if it ends up breathing some live back into this blog, well, even better.

I had resisted posting here before because my trips were pretty short and usually single purposed, where as this time it’s definitely more just ‘living here,’ even if for just a brief period. At Metblogs we’ve used the “you can’t post on a site unless you are going to be in a city for more than a week” rule because when people are traveling somewhere for only a few days (even if only a few days on several occasions) their posts, and I include myself in this, sound like that – like someone passing through looking for locals to help. Since we want the sites to be interesting for locals, well, you can see the problem. We don’t want a site full of tourists.

Speaking of, when I travel somewhere it’s very important to me that I don’t stick out too much and generally try to blend in. This is more effective sometimes than others, but I usually ask friends in a city how they spot tourists. We all do it, in every city, without even trying you can walk down a busy street and easily point out the people who aren’t from there. This is because those people aren’t blending in and don’t match the “social baseline” of the residents. Sometimes one simple action can be the tell. In Singapore, it’s wearing sunglasses. On my second trip here I started asking friends about how to spot tourists and they all said “anyone with sunglasses is a tourists.” I started paying attention to this then, and while there are tons of sunglasses shops around, it does seem that almost no one wears them on the street, except a few folks who accurately don’t seem to be from here.

What are your tips for spotting tourists? What advice would you have for someone like myself trying to blend in a little better?

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