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Straits Records is now on Haji Lane

New Straits records location. They had a snapcasr 7" in a glass display case.

I should have posted this back in April so that is was actually relevant, but whatever. Before my first trip to Singapore last year I read about Straits Records in the Monocle Magazine Singapore Survey. What?! A record store run by a vegan straight edge guy specializing in hardcore? Obviously this was a place I needed to check out and get familiar with. Unfortunately that task turned out to be harder than I imagined, and after several visits to various addressed only to find the shop closed or recently moved, I kinda gave up. In April Shannon and I were walking around near HackerspaceSG and stumbled (he knew about it beforehand to be fair) on the shops new spot over on Haji Lane. It’s pretty much parallel with Hackerspace, just a few streets over. There was a pretty fun glass display case with some old hardcore memorabilia inside – if I ever end up getting rid of everything I own like I keep threatening to do, maybe this store would be a good spot to donate some vinyl. Given the seemingly transient nature of this store, and the fact that this info is several months old, it might have already moved again. I’ll check sometime this week and update the post if it’s not there anymore.

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