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Minster of Health goes vegan

Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan, who is still recovering from bypass surgery early last month, announced on the Ministry of Health blog that is has adopted a fully plant based diet. After being out of the office for the last 6 weeks he’s trying to catch up and announcing a bunch of office wide changes, including the addition of skype based ‘meet the people’ meetings.

Singapore Really Really Free Market

Tonight we went to dinner at the Post Museum (which had some delicious vegan options -my favorite was the almond milk / date vegan shake thingy) and I saw a flyer which I was unable to get a good photo of for the Singapore Really Really Free Market which is taking place this weekend, tomorrow specifically. If you aren’t familiar the Really Really Free Market is something like a swap meet but no money is exchanged. People bring items (in good condition) or services to trade. There isn’t really any specific genre, just stuff you have that you aren’t using that someone else might be able to use. You bring it and swap it with something that you are interested in and think you can use. It’s a little bit hippie, but kinda cool, and almost like Neighborgoods IRL. Or something. Anyway, Sunday June 6th from 4-9PM at the Post Museum in Little India. Bring some stuff to trade and check it out.

Komala Vilas is yummy

Komala Vilas

We decided to walk over to Komala Vilas Vegetarian Indian Restaurant today after reading a few reviews. I’ve got a serious weakness for South Indian cuisine and I’d heard this place was known for it’s idly. Damn straight. Super delicious. It’s actually located on Serangoon road on the same block as that place that used to be Chellas, I think it’s called Big Box or something now. Anyway, it’s a good block for veggies. I also had a Masala Dosa which was the size of a baseball bat and completely yummy. No folks, knives or napkins here which is fine by me but might freak some tourists out. Fairly inexpensive as well, we had a few other things and drinks and it was S$12. Not bad at all.

Vegan in Singapore

Speaking of being vegan, I’ve been on the hunt for good vegan food since setting foot in Singapore. Anyone who knows vegans, we’re kind of an elite class of foodies who are constantly seeking out the best spots in any city we visit. I’ve been lucky enough to have a vegan friend to guide me in most places I go, but when I first got to singapore I was completely on my own. One of the first things I found which was really helpful was the Singapore based Living Vegan blog. The site has a lot of general animal rights and veganism info, but it’s peppered with restaurant reviews so worth spending some time scrolling through.

I think that is where I found Annalakshmi which has been my favorite find so far. Given the population break out here there are a lot of veg-Indian spots in town (like Ananda Bhavanand Chellas – though I think they have recently been renamed) but Annalakshmi stood out to me because it’s Chinatown Point location is a super crazy underground spot, there are no prices so you pay whatever you think your meal was worth, and the food was just plain delicious. It’s not 100% vegan, but it is vegetarian and if you tell the server you are vegan they seem very happy to point out the dishes to avoid. I went there 3 days in a row after I found it and others seem to agree.

There’s also a pretty good list of spots on Happy Cow and I plan to check each and every one out in person as soon as I can. Living Greens is apparently right around the corner from HackerspaceSG so I’m kind of embarrassed that I haven’t been there yet, but that neighborhood is kind of bursting with options so it’ll take some time to work my way through them all.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Straits Records is now on Haji Lane

New Straits records location. They had a snapcasr 7" in a glass display case.

I should have posted this back in April so that is was actually relevant, but whatever. Before my first trip to Singapore last year I read about Straits Records in the Monocle Magazine Singapore Survey. What?! A record store run by a vegan straight edge guy specializing in hardcore? Obviously this was a place I needed to check out and get familiar with. Unfortunately that task turned out to be harder than I imagined, and after several visits to various addressed only to find the shop closed or recently moved, I kinda gave up. In April Shannon and I were walking around near HackerspaceSG and stumbled (he knew about it beforehand to be fair) on the shops new spot over on Haji Lane. It’s pretty much parallel with Hackerspace, just a few streets over. There was a pretty fun glass display case with some old hardcore memorabilia inside – if I ever end up getting rid of everything I own like I keep threatening to do, maybe this store would be a good spot to donate some vinyl. Given the seemingly transient nature of this store, and the fact that this info is several months old, it might have already moved again. I’ll check sometime this week and update the post if it’s not there anymore.

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